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Killifishes (Mummichogs)
1. Found in creeks, tributaries, shallow waters, look like minnows
2. Fundulus is the genus
3. Rounded or squared off tails, protruding lower jaw
1. Largest
2. Travel in small schools
Striped Killifish
1. Longer, thinner, male has vertical and female has horizontal stripes
2. Prefer sandy bottoms
Banded Killifish
1. Smaller than striped
2. Bands are silvery blue
Rainwater Killifish
1. Smallest, no obvious markings
Sheepshead Minnow
1. Stubby deep body
Anchovies and Silversides
1. Similar, not the anchovies we eat
2. Possess silvery band along sides
1. One dorsal fin, mouth opens widely
2. First level consumer
3. Sexually mature move out to deeper water where they are most likely eaten
1. Two dorsal fins, smaller mouth
2. Immature and adult are found in shallow water
Atlantic Needlefish
1. Very long, active predator
2. Feed on little fish with their sharp teeth