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Robert Hooke
gave the name cell
Anton van Leeunhoek
credit for microscope
Matthias Schleiden
plants are made of cells
Theodore Schwann
animals are made of cells
Ruldof Virchow
all cells come from other cells
Cell theory
-All living things are made of cells
- cells are the basic unit of structure and function of an organism
- all new cells are produced from existing ones.
Cell Specialization
Cells in an organism are specailized to perform different tasks.
Order of organization
cell,tissue,organ,organ system, organism
Receptor protien
recieves chemical messages from the membrane
Protein chanel
protiens in cell membrane that move substances into or out of cell
Cell surface markers
gives the cell identity
What is the maintence of an internal environment that is in equalibrium
cells maintain homeostasis by passive and active trasport across the
cell membrane(plasma membrane)
bulk large particles transport of substances out of cell
osomotic water pressure
pressure in plant cell due to osmosis
Channel protein
proteins in cell membrane that move substances into or out of cell
passive transport
transport not involving use of energy
active transport
transport by carrying molecules involving energy
Contractille vacuole
used by unicellular fresh water organism to pump out excess water
facilitated diffusion
channel proteins move substances for high concentration to low concentrations.