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1. Chunky looking
2. More abundant in mid-bay
3. Eats mollusks, snails, and little clams
1. Two types which are both found in lower part of bay
2. Scup
3. Sheepshead
1. Silvery with horizontal stripes
1. Small head and vertical stripes
Sharks, Skates, Rays
1. Blue Shark, Spiny Dogfish, Smooch, and South Ray
2. Cartilaginous fish, elastic pliable
3. Lack bone and swim bladder
1. Squishing a shark would make it look like a ray
Rays and Skates
1. Rays have a slender tail with a spine
2. Skates have a shorter/thicker tail, lack spine, lay eggs
Bottlenosed Dolphin
1. Come into bay during the summer when the temperature is warmer
Loggerhead Turtle
1. Biggest sea turtle in bay
2. Females lay eggs on the shore, when eggs hatch they race to the water
3. Eat jellyfish