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1. Spend most of life at sea and come into tributaries to spawn then return
1. Spend most of like is fresh water and migrate to the ocean to spawn
1. Some leave sea to spawn, but others don't
Shad and Herring
1. In trouble due to polution, overfishing, and building of dams
American Shad
1. Anadromous, can be up to 30 inches
2. Very silvery, big scales, soft flest, many shad have scales sticking out on stomach
3. Delicacy, commercially important
Hickory Shad
1. Not commercially important
2. Very similar to American
1. Very important forage fish
2. Good sources of nutrition for active predators
Gizzard Shad
1. Not anadromous, generally stays in fresh water
1. Important forage fish, oily
2. Not anadromous, spends most of life in estuaries
3. Very economically important, caught and ground up for fertilizer, chicken food, and paints