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_________ occurs when oxidative processes cannot take place (or oxygen is not available in sufficient concentrations).
What does the cleavage of the C6 compound yield?
two C3 molecules
What then is 3-PG converted in to?
What is the multi enzyme complex that pyruvates react with?
pyruvate dehydrogenase
What are the two trioses that fructose bisphosphate is cut into?
GAP Glyceraldehyde 3-phosphate and DAP DihydroxAcetone Phosphate
What is common in yeast and occurs after carbon dioxide is removed from pyruvate (escaped as gas)?
Alcoholic fermentation
What is the end-product of glycolysis?
What does fermentation make with the combination of pyruvate and the reduction equivalent NADH?
lactate dehydrogenase
What is Fructose 1,6-diphosphate cut into?
DihydroxAcetone Phosphate (DAP) and GlycerAldehyde 3-Phosphate (GAP)
What is the purpose of Acetylcoenzyme A?
it fuels the Krebs, Citric or TRI-CARBOXYLIC ACID cycle
What is the total number of ATP Glycolysis provides?
6 ATP however two are consumed for glucose activation and only really yields 4 ATP
________ requires oxygen.
Oxidative respiration (Aerobic Metabolism)
How is the GAP processed?
GAP is oxidized (NAD+ is reduced to NADH+H+) and inorganic phospahte (NOT ATP) is used to further phosphorylate the triose to yield 1,3 DiPhosphoGlyerate (DPG)
What do both Lactate and Alcoholic fermentation consume?
the excess NADH provided by glycolysis
What happens when water is removed from glycolysis?
Phospho-EnolPyruvate (PEP) and energy rich molecule is formed
What does the formation of ethanol require?
decarboxylation of pyruvate
Is glycolysis an efficient way for ATP production?
What is the escaping of carbon dioxide also know as?
Why is glycolsis preformed if it is an inefficient way of ATP production?
Because it can be done with out oxygen
What important product is pyruvate converted to within the inner membrane of the mitochondria?
Acetylcoenzyme A
How is DAP converted intow GAP?
by and isomerase (ratio~4:1)
What is formed when acetaldehyde reacts with NADH?
PEP (Phospho-EnolPyruvate) transfers its Phosphogroup to what?
it transfers it to ADP to again yield ATP and pyruvate
The two carbons that are left after decarboxylation of pyruvate combine with a________ and form _________ which is processed in the __________
Co-enzyme Acetyl-CoA TCA cycle
In the begining of life who and why did cetain thing rely on glycolysis?
Early organisms relied on glycolysis as an energy source and all organisms rely on it as preparation for oxidative reactions
What are the two compounds participating in the multi enzyme complex?
Vitamin B and Lipoic Acid
Which of the two,DAP or GAP, can be processed?
GAP however DAP is converted to GAP
When Pyruvates react with pyruvate dehydrogenase it eliminates CO2 forms NADH+H+ and transfers the remaining two carbons (the acetyle group) to Co-enzyme A forming?
what is the DPG (DiPhosphoGlycerate) converted to?
3-PG (PhosphoGlycerates) by transfering one phosphate group to ADP
What is irreversible and is not part of the citric acid cycle, but is obligatory for the entry of all carbohydrates into the tricarboxylic acid cycle?
decarboxylaton of pyruvate
Fermentation starts with_____?
What is most common is higher organisms and is the cause of sore muscles?
Lactate fermentation