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List the four steps of cellular respiration
1. Glycolysis-- found in cytoplasm
2. Transition step-- found in mitochondria [matrix]
3. Kreb's cycle-- found in matrix of mitochondria
4. Electron Transfer-- found in cristae of mitochondria
What are the properties of glucose?
1. Major fuel for the body.
2. Ulimately delivered to and used by the body.
3. Most cells can and do use energy, but rely almost exclusively on glucose
What is cellular respirations primary function?
make engery
What is celllular respiration?
process of breaking down glucose in the presence of oxygen to produce ATP engery
What is the chemical equation of cellular respiration?
Glucose+Oxygen+2ATP--->Carbon Dioxide+water+36-38ATP
What is glycolysis?
-location in cytoplasm
-no oxygen needed
What products does glycolysis make?
2 pyruvic acid
2 NET ATP/Gained
Four major steps of glycolysis.
1. Energy investment- sugar activation
2. sugar splitting- glucose cleavage.
3. oxidation reduction
4. energy harvest-ATP production
Energy investment- sugar activation
energizing glucose by attaching 2F
sugar splitting- glucose cleavage.
1. spit the glucose
2. make 2 intermediate
3. becomes 2 pyruvic acids
oxidation reduction
releasing electrons

NADH+H2 [2 products]
energy harvest-ATP
-(4)ATP will be formed
-(2)pyruvic acid will also be formed.
2 ATP gained
What is the transition reaction?
-location-marix of mitochondria
-oxygen is required [aerobic]
products produced by the transition reaction?
2 Acetyl CoA
2 CO2
What is the first step [chemical reaction] of the Kreb's cycle?
citric acid cycle
acetyl-CoA+Oxaloaetic acid>>>Citric Acid