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"Coupled" Mitochondria
-Fast oxygen consumption when ADP is present
-If remove ADP, ATP synthesis will stop and oxygen not consumed.
P/O ratio
ATP/.5 oxygen consumed
RCR tells us that we are only consuming O2 when making ATP
(rate of O2 consumption w/ ADP)/(rate of O2 consumption w/o ADP)
Product inhibition
No ADP-->no ATP synthesis-->H will stay in the inner membrane space-->membrane potential gets too high-->proton pumping stops and ETC stops.
Uncoupled mitochondria
High oxygen consumption w/o ADP
2,4 DNP
-Example of an uncoupler
-Punches holes in inner membrane--> H leak back in-->no membrane potential--> no ATP.
When ADP removed and O2 utilization stops, what can be done?
Add 2,4 DNP which causes 02 to be burned, but no proton gradient.
Inhibition of mitochondria oxidative phosphorylation
Oligomycin-blocks proton return through ATP synthase-->gradient continues to rise-->ETC stops
Electron transfer inhibitors
Everything stops and the uncoupler has no effect
Complex I inhibitors
Rotenone, amytal
Complex III inhibitors
Complex IV inhibitors
HCN, cyanide, H2S, CO, azide
1. Are the mitochondria still consuming oxygen?
Y--> 2,4 DNP
N--> Question 2
2. Does 2,4 DNP addition restore oxygen consumption?
Y--> Oligomycin
N--> Question 3
3. Is there excess NADH and absence of QH2 (complex I)?
Y--> Amytal, Rotenone
N--> Question 4
4. Is there excess QH2 and absence of reduced Cyt.C (complex II)?
Y--> Antimycin
N--> Question 5
5. Is there excess of reduced Cyt c?
Y-->HCN, Cyanide, H2S, CO, azide
Specialized form of adipose tissue designed for controlled heat production?
Brown fat mitochondria
Brown fat mitochondria found in?
Newborns, hibernating animals
Inner membrane proton channel of mitochondria of brown fat.

Acts as a regulated "uncoupler"

Leaks protons back into matrix w/o producing ATP.