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chromosomes X and Y which determine genetic sex
chromosomes 1-22; all the chromosomes except for the sex chromosomes
deploid chromosome complememt typically shown as homologous chromosome paires arranged from longest to shortest
complete set of chromosomes derived from one parent or two sets of chromosomes
having identical genes at more than one loci
having different allelic genes at one locus or many loci
when one allele masks or suppresses the expression of its partner
a trait due to a particular allele that does not manifest itself in the presence of other alleles that generate traits dominant to it
one's genetic makeup or genes
observable expression fo the genotype
during meiosis, the distribution of the members of the allele pair to different gametes
independent assortment
alleles on different pairs of homologous chromosomes are distributed independently of each other
linked traits
genes on the same chromosome that are physicall connected and transmitted as a unit to daughter cells during mitosis
recombinant chromosomes
occur when segments with their homologous counterparts ending in chromosomes with mixed contributions from each parent
space where crossover occurs
dominant-recessive inheritance
reflects the interaction of dominant and recessive alleles
incomplete inheritance
the heterozygote has a phenotype intermediate between those of homozygous dominant and homozygous recessive individuals
multiple-allele inheritance
some genes exhibit more than two allel forms although we only inherit two alleles for each gene
sex-linked inheritance
inherited traits determined by genes on the sex chromosomes
polygene inheritance
phenotypes depend on several gene pairs at different locations acting at tandem and results in continuous phenotypic variation between two extremes
genomic imprinting
during gametogenesis, certain genes in both sperm and eggs are modified by menthyl and the allele can have different effects depending on which parent it comes from
extrachromosomal inheritance
mitochondrial genes are transmitted to the offspring almost exclusively by the mother
a trait is not expressed in the phenotype, but is expressed recessively in the genotype
gene therapy
procedures to alleviate or even cure the disorders by affecting a single defective gene or protein by replacing it
fluid extraction from amniotic sac
chorionic villi sampling
small tube suctions off bits of the chorionic villi from the placenta for examination