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The crossing of parents with different traits is called
A Toyota Prius is what kind of car- mix between two
What did Mendel's experiments lead him to believe
Biological Inheritance is determined by factors that are passed down from one generation to the next
The different forms of the genes are the
What is the principle of dominance
Some alleles are dominant and some are recessive
What can you tell me about an organism that has dominant genes
It will always pass those genes down to its offspring
What is segregation in regards to Mendel's experiments
When the plant was crossed we saw different genes/traits emerge- some of the genes had been separated
If two tall parents have kids- why is it possible that they have a child that is not tall....segregated genes
How did Mendel prevent cross pollination
By removing the male parts of one of the flowers and dusting them with pollen from a second flower
Cross pollination is when a male plant on one plant fertilizes the egg cells of a flower on another plant