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Where is GPU power applied to the Aircraft?
-Behind the Right left rear nacell
What is the difference between aircraft VOLTMETER, LOADMETER and AMMETER?
-VOLTMETER:measures the pressure within the system or point where it is being sampled.
-LOADMETER:shows the relationship of how hard the generator is working to its maximum allowable (continuous) capacity.
-AMMETER:shows the movement of electicity in the system.
Name 3 ways to close the Generator Ties.
-Manually Online
-Bring a generator online
-connecting External power
Once the Generator ties have been manually closed, what action will release the MANUAL circut?
-Open manually.
-Bring a Generator online.
-External power.
Explain what a HALL-EFFECT Device does.
-Will protect the circut from too much energy suddenly flowing in the wrong direction.
However, all three HEDs are desensitized during engine startup and gear cycle since these are conditions that require large energy flow (1000amps+).
What causes the BATTERY CHARGE annunciator light to come ON?
To go OFF?
-Light will come on anytime the battery charge rate exceeds 7 Amps for longer than 7 seconds.
It will go off when the rate drops below 6.5 Amps.
What is Load Sheding?
-In the event of a duel generator failure, the circut will open the bus ties to isolate power from the right and left GEN buses. Therefore the battery is now powering the TFB and Center Bus
Which bus ties are controlled by the Gen Tie switch?
-Both left and right generator buses
How might you recognize a fault on the Triple-Feed bus?
-By noticing the reading of the voltage meter when the switch is parked on the TPL BUS. Als by loss of the: Fuel gauges
Oil pressure gauges
Oil temp gauges
What does the white ring around some of the switches signify?
-Indicates that the system is powered by the Battery.
When are the HEDs desensitized?
-Are desensitized during engine starts and gear cycle.
How can the two 250A current limiters be checked for integrety before engine start?
-After engine start? (UC)
-By turning on one generator at a time to see
Does the Battery Charge light indicate a malfunction?
-NO, just that the battery is charging 7 amps for 7 seconds
How many electrical buses are there in the aircraft?
-Triple Fed
-Battery bus
-Center(left& right)
-Right GEN bus
-Left Gen bus
What is the maximum continuous Amp output on the DC generators?
-300amps continuous
What is significant about the copilot's Pitot heat system?
-It is powered by the battery Bus
How long can the starter be energized after engine start without causing damage?
-30 sec- 1 minute (cooldown)
-30 sec- 1 minute (cooldown)
-30 sec-30minutes (cooldown)
Through which bus is the Battery charged?
-The Center bus
How can you isolate the center bus from the generators?
From other power sources?
-Manual Gen Tie switches
-Gen switches
-Battery switch off
What systems are on the HOT BATT BUS
-L&R Fire Extinguishers.
-L&R Firewall shutoff valves.
-External power overvoltage & green advisory light.
-Door entry and isle lights.
-Cockpit emergency lights.
-Foward Baggage door and warning lights
-Control wheel clock
-R hand pitot heater.
What is the rating of the Battery?
24V, 34 amp Nicad in the right wing.
How do you do a Generator cross start?
Normally we start the right engine first, go to hight idle and get the right Gen online. After the right load meter drops to 40%, we can start the left engine.
What is paralleling?
Averaging both Generator outputs to equalize the load. The load levels are balanced within 10%.
List the functions of the GCU.

Gen Control Unit
-Voltage regulation and contactor control.
-Overvoltage/excitation protection.
-Reverse current protection.
-line contactor control
-crossstart current limiting.
How do you do an Inverter Check
There is a guage and button on the lower right corner of the overhead pannel. ou can only check the inverter that is on line. You should read 380-420 cycles and 105-120VAC.
What does the INVERTER annunciator tell you
The 115 VAC output is out of tolerance.
How do you do a BUS SENSE TEST?
-Both Gens must be on line.
-Bus sense test switch to TEST.
-Three lights should be illuminated.
L&R GEN Tie Open
Batt Tie Open
-Verify that there is no voltage on the Center Bus
-Bus sense reset
-The three annunciator lights should go out and voltage should return to the CENTER BUS
What does the BATT CHARGE light tell you?
Just that the battery charge rate has exceeded 6 amps for 6 seconds. You can take off in this condition.