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Vmo - max operationg speed
247 kts
Va - manuevering speed (16000)
188 kts
Vfe - flap extention speed
T/O 198 kts
app. 168
land 153
Vlo - landing gear speed
180 ext.
180 ret.
Vmca - minimum control airspeed
91 flaps t/o
89 flaps app
Red Line (Vmca)
96 kts
White Arc
Vso (Stall speed, landing config).
88 kts
Vs (stalling speed flaps up, Power idle)
104 kts
Solid white triange
168 kts
Open Triange
198 kts
Blue line Vyse
125 kts
Emergency Decent
180 kts
Max Range Glide
125 kts