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What is being tested with the press to test feature?
-The annnciator system and that all bulbs are in working order
What are the annunciator colors and what do they stand for on the C
-RED -Warning
-Yellow -Caution
-Green -Status
How are the annunciators dimmed?
-Through a dimming circut.
-it has to be dark outside.
-one GEN must be working.
-cockpit floodlights must be clicked to the off position.
-pilot flight lights on.
Which annunciators do not dimm?
-The T handle red fire lights
What does the ANN PWR SOURCE annunciator indicate?
-Indicates that BOTH power sources have have experienced either partial or total failure
Which annunciators have a 5 second delay
-Left fuel Qty
-Right fuel Qty
-Left Fuel feed
-Right fuel feed
-Hyd. fluid low
Where are the RED warning annunciator lights, what does it indicate and what action is usually call for?
Located in the glare shield, indicates a potentially hazardous situation exists an it calls for an Emergency Checklist.
Where are the YELLOW caution lights found, what do they indicate and what action is requred.
They are located above the power levers and indicate a systems problem which calls for the -Abnormal procedures checklist-.
Where are the GREEN status lights, what do they indicate.
Located below the Yellow Caution lights and indicate the activation of a certain system.
How does the fire detection system work.
Through a a sensing cable that is looped aound each engine. The cable is conected to an amplifier. The amplifier activates the warning light in the T handle.
What do the 3 lights in the fire extinguisher tell you.
Upper RED light tells you that you have an engine fire. The GREEN light in the lower right hand corner tells ou that that system checks O.K.. The YELLOW lght tells that the bottle has been discharged.
What is the normal reading on the fire bottle?
360 psi @ 70 degees F.