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All four inner planets are composed of primarily rock and ice, and thus they are classified as _________.
Even at its greatest orbital elongations, _________ can be seen from Earth only briefly after sunset or before sunrise.
Mercury is pocked with _______ like the moon's, but extensive, smooth plains lie btwn these craters.
Long cliffs meander across the surface of Mercury. The _______ probably formed as the planet colled, solidified, and shrank.
When something hit Mercury a long time ago, what did it do it's surface?
It shoved up jumbled hills on the opposite side of the planet.
What kind of core does mercury have? Hint: it's the same as the Earth's.
_______ is similar to the Earth in size, mass, and average density, but it is covered by unbroken, highly reflective clouds that conceal its other features from Earth-based observers.
What is Venus's atmosphere like?
It is mostly made up of:
dense clouds containing concentrated sulfuric acid mixed with yellowish sulfur dust.
volcanoes cause sulfur veil
What caused Venus's high temp?
greenhouse effect
What does venus's surface look like?
rolling hills
2 continents
Large volcanoes
Tectonic plate activity
Is Mars solar day the same as the Earth's solar day?
On mars, can you tell the difference in seasons? how?
yes. it has seasonal color changes.
Does mars have polar ice caps that shrink and expand with the changes of the seasons?
What does the surface of mars look like?
has canals
flat-bottomed craters
dried up riverbeds
________ water would quickly boil away in Mar's thin presentday atmosphere, but the planet's _______ ____ contain some frozen water, and a layer of permafrost may exist beneath the regolith.
polar caps
What is mars atmosphere made up of mostly?
Chemical reactions in the regolith together with ultraviolet radiation from the Sun apparently act to __________ the Martian surface.
Does mars have a magnetic field?
Yes, but not a global one, it only appears in 9 different places around the planet.
Have they found any signs of life on Mars?
They have found meteorites with fossilized bacteria that are believed to come from Mars, but other than that, no.
How did Mar's moons get there?
By the capture theory.
What are the names of Mars's moons?
Phobos and Deimos.
Are Phobos and Deimos in synchronous rotation with mars?
Which of the two planets, Mercury or Earth, has the cooler temperature?
When Mercury is facing the sun, earth is the coolest. When Mercury is not facing it is the coolest.
Which planet is most similar to Earth?
Venus in size and density, but Mars in length of day and the fact the it might have polar caps.
What is the composition of the clouds surrounding Venus?
The clouds are made primarily of sulfuric acid.
Does mars have liquid water on the surface of the planet?
No, but they think that there might be some underneath the surface.
Is life known to exist on Mars today?
Why is Mercury so difficult to see? When is the best time to observe it?
Because it is the closest planet to the Sun and the sunlight will hide the planet. The best time to observe Mercury is at before sunrise and after sunset.
Why is Venus hotter than Mercury?
B/c Venus produces its own CO2 gases and this heats up the planet more, called greenhouse effect.
What is the greenhouse effect?
It is when CO2 gets trapped in the atmosphere and cannot go anywhere. So, it causes the atmosphere to heat up.
Why is mars red?
caused by rust (iron oxide) in the soil.
When is the best time to observe Mars?
Anytime during the night