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what is the definition of asthma
a chronic inflammatory disease of the airways
causing recurrent episodes of wheezing,breathlessness, chest tightness, and cough, particularly at night and/or in the early morning.
These sx are reversible and assocaited with BHR due to stimulus
what are the pathophysiological changes in pt with asthma
airway smooth-muscle contraction, hypertrophy and hyperplasia, microvascular leakage, activation of airway neurons, stimulation of
mucus-secreting cells, disruption of the ciliated
epithelium, and the laying down of collagen in the
lamina reticularis of the basement membrane layer.
what cells are found to infiltrate airway in asthma
mast cells
activated T cells
what is the role of mast cells in asthma inflammation
Mast cells due to IgE stimulated release histmaine and LT and PG which are bronchoconstrictors, produce mucus
what is the key factor in bronchial hyperairway
airwy inflammation- response to variety of stimuli- cold air, histmaine, methachoile, envt irritants
how do we check for degree of bronchial hyperactivity
standard inhaltion test with methachoilne, histamineinhaltion test
how does methachoilne/histamine result in airway narrowing
it acts directly on airway smooth muscle
how does exercise and hypersomolar substance casue airway narrowing
release pharmaological active substance from mast cells
what are the cause for airway obstruction in asthma
Acute bronchoconstriction
Mucus plugging of airways
Bronchial wall edema
Infl ammatory cell infi ltration
Airway wall remodeling (fibrosis)
Smooth-muscle hypertrophy
Uncoupling of elastic recoil forces