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The two types of materials for drawing are ___ and ___.
dry, liquid
Dry media is __, it scratches, ___ particles where contact is made with the surface
abrasive, depositing
There are four types of dry media: ___, ____, ____, and _&__
pencil, metalpoint, charcoal, and chalk & crayon
___, a dry media, is termed graphite or ___, and has made more drawings than any other medium. Mistakes (can/cannot) be erased, and it (is/isn't) expensive. They have varing degrees of ___. The __, the darker and richer the line vs the ___, the more pale and silvery the line. Ofili's Prince amoung Thieves with Flowers is an example of this media.
pencil, lead, can, isn't, hardness, softer, harder
___, a dry media is the ancestor to the graphite pencil that was popular during the Renaissance. It (can/cannot) be erased easily. It is made of thin ___ of metal, usually silver, mounted in a holding device. The top is coated with __ __, through traditionally done with ___ dust and glue. ___ produces the gray ___. Have fine lines with ___ widths. Lippi's "Figure Studies" is an example of this media.
metalpoint, cannot, wire, poster paint, bone, tarnish, tonalities, uniform
___, a dry media, is the opposite of metalpoint. It produces lines that are soft, dark, and sometimes ___. It is made of burned ___ (vine works best) heated until only ___ remains. Can be ___ or thin, ___ or dark. Jacquette's "3 Mile Island" is an example of this media.
charcoal, harsh, wood, carbon, thick, faint
___ & ___ offer color effects. The main diff bw the two is the ___. ___ has nofat binder, while __ has a fatty or greasy binder. ___ is drier and easy to blend/overlay, are ___ and crumbly. ___ have wider choice of colors.
chalk and crayon, binder, chalk, crayon, chalk, fragile, crayons
Most common type of crayon is ___ - a fine textured stick medium with shades of red, black, and brown. "Cafe-concert" is an example by Seurat.
the most well-known chalk medium is ___, it is a __-__ medium with several colors and degrees of hardness. Degas' "The Singer in Green" is an example of this.
pastels, border-line,