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Treaty of Tordesillas
Set a line to divide the new continent. (Spain & Portugal)
Large estates, Indian slaves worked to benefit the conquistador.
Spanish adventurer who led powerful armies and explored new lands.
Conquistador who convinced the Aztecs that he was a god, he destroyed the Aztecs and got $$$$$
Black Legend/Las Casas
Spanish missionary and historian who was the 1st to criticize the oppression of NAs
Columbian Exchange
described a lot of goods exchanged between East & Western Hemispheres in 1492.
Protestants of France from 1560-1629. Escaped persecution in Catholic France. (OY Spaniards)
Hedright System
Used in to address labor shotages. Induced immigrants to come for free land.
First born male inherits everything.
Separatists from the Anglican (English) Church.
Wanted to purify the Church of England to make it better.
Mayflower Compact
Firt basis in the new world for written laws. Helped them survive.
William Bradford
Pilgrim leader of Plymouth Colony, architect of the Mayflower Compact
Massachusetts Bay Colony
Puritan colony established in 17th century under John Winthrop.
John Winthrop
Gov of Mass Bay Colony who wanted colony to be a model of Christianity.
anne Hutchinson
Dissident who openly taught things contrary to Puritan Doctrine. he claimed to have had special revelations from god and she was banished. Migrated to narragansett bay and founded Portsmouth; Kept migrated and was killed by indians.
Roger williamson
Dissedent; Puritan teacher; very logical and when his activities becam disruptive, he wa sto leave the colony. he fled to the wilderness around Narragansett bay, bought land from Indians and found Providence in 1663. Rhode island then tolerated all religions, and what occupied by many exiles and troublemakers that were not welcomed in the other colonies or in Europe
halfway Convenant
Provided a halfway church membership for the children of members in 1662; established because many Puritans were coming to feasr that New England was drifting away from its religous purpose; wanted to preserve some of the church's influence in society
harvard Founding
Founded in 1663. first college
Fundamental orders of connecticut
First writting constitution in America that provided for representative government in 1636
Old deluder Act.
1647, massachusetts; towns with 50 families had to have a teacher to teach reading and Writing.
new England Confederation
1643-1684; orginization composed of two delegates from each of the 4 member colonies: Connecticut , New haven, Massachusetts, and Pylmouth
King Phillip's War
1675; A wampanoag chief named king Phillip led a war to kill the whites, who have invaded their lands to convert people to christianity. 2000 settlers lost their lives before phillips was killed
Dominion of New England
name for a short-lived administrative unon of English colonies; decreed in 1686 by king james II as a measure to enforce the Navigation acts.
Sir Edmund Andros
One of the most unpopular governors in American History; governer of new york from 1674-1681. Governer of Dominion Of Pylmouth.
Joint stock company
company that is owned that is owned by atleast two shareholders; Virginia company of london and the Virginia company of pylmouth
Founded and was colonized. Settlers concentrated om finding gold and easy riches.and did nothing ro provide for their survival. Land was rich with nutrients and tobacco became major cash crop
House of burgess
representative assembly of virginia; met in 1619; consisted of a governer, council, two burgesses
bacons rebellion
uprise in 1967 of virginia farmers against berkeley and his authority of virginia. Led by nathaniel Bacon; accused the governer of not protecting plantation owners and men from Indian raids.
William Berkeley
Governer of virginia in 1641. Forced to return to England in 1676
John Smith
English colonizer to establish jamestown, First permanent english settlement
John Rolfe
1612; virginia resident who desovered a superior strain of tobacco, native to the west Indies, could be grown in virginia; became major cash crop
large numbers of blacks were transported in order to help with the boom of tobacco between 1640-1670
colony established as a buffer between South Carolina and Florida; Oglethorpe obtained a character for this colony in 1732 to be populated by the poor who could not make a living in Great Britain; too many celebreate rules and few settlers.
French Colonization
Great crescent shape, extending from the plantation communities along the mississippi near New Orleans to the french colonial along St. Lawrence,between were isolated settlements and forts. connected by the extensive french trading network.
British colonization
colonized east coast mainly for religous beliefs and economic purposes. The middle colonies and the south expanded west for farm land
Albany plan of Union
Was brought up so that the english colonies would work together as a team, and be under a form of command. however, the colonies thought that this gave too little freedom to them, and the british officials thought it gave too much freedom to the colonies
iorquois Confederation
maintained official postion of neutrality, however they tried to play off the 2 main forces to their advantage.
French and indian war
Britan and Prussia VS. France, russia, Austria, and spain. Became the final and most destructive of the armed conflicts between brits and colonists
treaty of Paris 1763
France lost all its possessions on the N.A maintained; ceded its claims east of mississippi to G.B
Proclamation of 1763
British gov. set terms for british policy toward the indians. Set aside region west of the creast of Appalachion mount. as "Indian Counrty". you must have had permission from crown to purchase this land
Actual representation
Americans viewed this as having someone be representing them in Parliment
Virtual Representation
other representatives would virtually represent america at parliment
John peter Zenger trial
provided precedent for greater freedom of the press
Sugar act 1764
Placed a prohibitive dity on sugar imported into colonies and revitalized the customs service
Stamp act 1765
tax required the purchase of specially embossed paper for all newspapers, legal documents, lisences, insurence policies, ships papers, dice and playing cards
Sons of liberty
Revolted againdt the british troops, also boston tea Party; throwing all tea on board into water, Encouraged moderate forces at protest
Stamp act Congress
made up of uppper-middle classmen who had long opposed the conservative leaders of the colony. Denounced Stamp Act: " No taxation without representation"
Declaratory act
Full authority to make laws binding the colonies "in all cases whatsoever"
Quartering act
Legalized the housing of british troops in private homes.
Townshed Act
Placed import duties, collectable before goods entered colonial markets, on many commodities including lead, glass, paper, and tea. repeated in 1770
Boston Masacre
The soldiers fired at taunting crowd without odrers. 3 of the crowd died immidiately, and 6 were wounded
Cripus attacks
first killed in boston massacre, mother was indian and father was african american
Samual Adama
Second cousin of John Adams, leade of the boston radicals and orginizer of sons of liberty
Battle of Bunker Hill
british won, but lost many. meant that colonies ment business
Olive branch petition
in which the delegates preferred their attachment to King George and begged him to prevent further hostilities so there might be an accomodation, King through it away
Richard henry lee
Virginia committee, offered a motion to continental congress to support declaration of independence