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Which period of the simple twitch has the longest elapsed time?
Relaxation period
Which period of the simple twitch has the shortest elapsed time?
Latent period
Do the three periods of the simple twitch last the same amount of time in all skeletal muscles of the human body? Why or why not?
No, because every muscle has its own threshold level.
Compare the elapsed times for the contraction period and the relaxation period.

Which is a slower process?
Relaxation is the slower process.
What is also known as the "loosening up phenomenon"?
What aspect of skeletal muscle represents the elastic component?
The connective tissue that surrounds elements of the muscle
What effect does stretching the gastrocnemius muscle have on availability of actin and myosin binding sites?
There are more interaction sites (binding sites).
How does the length of a skeletal muscle compare to its points of attachment in the body?
It's normally in a stretched position due to its attachment.
How does this fact relate to the length-tension relationship?
More work is done due to the starting stretched position.
How does the length-tension relationship relate to the arrangement of anatomical
muscles in the body as antagonistic pairs?
When you stretch one muscle, the opposite muscle will contract. There are opposite effects.
Describe summation and what causes this phenomenon?
Increased contractions caused by not letting the muscle relax
What causes contracture?
The body is being depleted of the elements it needs to contract, i.e. ATP and calcium. Also, lactic acid builds up.

Simply, it is called fatigue.
What does the term contracture refer to in terms of muscle contraction?
Downward trend of work done by the muscle. It is more commonly called fatigue.