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minority majority
when the majority will soon be minority groups and not whites
political socialization
the process through which an individual acquires his or her particular political orientations
random sampling
everyone has an equal probability of being chosen
sampling error
the level of confidence in the findings of a pubic opinion poll
random-digit dialing
polling technique where pollsters randomly call people
worries with random digit dialing
it excludes cell phones so you are losing a lot of the younger generation
exit poll
pollsters ask one in ten people how the voted
gender gap
women usually vote more democratic than males
civil disobedience
reflects a conscious decision to break a law believed to be immoral and to suffer the consequences
media events
a staged event to be covered by the media
cable tv or internet that is focused on aiming at a particular audience
media conglomerates that own a bunch of newspapers
specific locations from which news frequently emanates, such as Congress or the White House.
trial balloons
an intentional news leak for the purpose of assesin ghte political reaction
policy entrepreneurs
people who invest their political "capital" in an issue.
Primary influences on young americans
parents, media, school, friends
positive aspects of opinion polls
lets the know what is going on w/ public opinion and sets the policy agenda
negative aspects of opinion polling
bandwagon effect
no one votes
exit poll criticism
not scientific
Kennedy v. Nixon
1st televised presidential debate