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What are the functions of elections in the united states?
to pass laws
elect ppl
voter turnout rates in the US as compared to other democracies
very low compared to everyone else
turnout 55%
Bush v. Gore holding
Called for a recount in Florida that needed to be done in a more consistent fashion; however, they said there wasn't enough time to recount
Political efficacy
Belief that your political participation counts and makes a difference
civic-duty voters
feel like they have to vote in order to support democracy
purpose of voter registration
in order to avoid fraud
get 1 vote per person
factors that contribute to low voter turnout
voter registration
vote on a work day
a lot more elections than in other countries
go to a polling place
vote only 1 day
voter rates for race/ethnicity
whites tend to have a higher turnout
voter rates for gender
women vote more
voter rates for income
higher the income the more likely to vote
voter rates for education levels
higher the education the more likely to vote
voter rates for relgious affliation
if you attend religious services more likely to vote
voter rates for single v married
married more likely to vote
importance of party identification to voting
despite current ticket splitting identification still shows hoe people will vote
how the electoral college works
ppl are appointed by the party and they cast their votes by mail for the majority of the peopl
why the electoral college was established
the founding fathers didn't trust the people and they wanted the choice to be in the hands of the elite
how do most states allocate their votes
winner take all

exceptions: maine and nebraska
retrospective voting
when someone asks what have you done for me over the past 4 years?
effect of retrospective voting on incumbents
effects negatively b/c usually pessimistic view
importance of economic policy in elections
#1 factor in elections
how interest groups differ from political parties
interests groups focus on specific issues where parties focus on general areas of issues
pluralist theory
interest groups compete and counterbalance each other. the market is fair and those that do best come out on top
hyperpluralist theory
too many groups and government granting them what they want that there is gridlock and conflicting policy
elite theory
that only the wealthiest groups get the most power
interest group liberalism
theory that with the rise of interest groups that there has been more passed laws that have broadened the scope of government
congressional comittees
beaurecratic agencies
olson's law of large groups
that small groups are more effective
three major factors that determine the effectiveness of interest groups
potential group
ppl that could join but haven't
actual groups
ppl that joined
collective good
something of value that benefits potential and actual
free rider problems
ppl that won't join unions b/c they will still receive benefits
selective benefits
benefits for memebers of an interest group
single issue groups and advantages
they have a lot of intensity
congressmen/women forced to listen to them
very passionate about issue
strategies of interest groups
going public
suing and going to court
getting the right ppl into office
amicus curiae brief
friend of court written by someone outside of the case
class action lawsuits
similar situated plantiffs can sue together under one complaint
role of PACS in interest groups
money lending arm of interest groups
who pacs donate money to
incumbents b/c 90% get reelected and know it is a sound investment
work laws
you don't have to be in union to get a job