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3 organs with a muscularis layer (in the urinary tract)
1 urethra 2 bladder 3 ureter
location of cuboidal cells w/ microvilli.. responsible for reabsorption (nephrom)
proximal tubule
majority of absorption occurs here
small intestine
what makes the small intesting good for absorption?
plicae circularis, villi, microvilli
what organ stores urine?
conduit that conveys urine to outside of the body
organ that filters blood
conduit that takes urine from kidney to bladder
Ner filtration pressure
why is there no pressure in the bowmans capsule>
no protein
diff of smooth muscle in large intestine
longitudinal layer broken up onto 3 bands
name the modifications of the large intestin (3)
tenea coli, appendages, haustro
location of fultration in the kidney (nephron)
clomerulous (renal corpusle)
GFR (glumerulous flltration rate)
amount of filtrate produced by the kidney every minute
location of intercaleted cells and principal cells
connecting tubule (distal tubule)
modifications of the small intestine that increase surface ares
microbilli, villi, plecae circularis
what are the general layers of the GI tract?
mucosa, submucosa, mucularis externa, serosa
(nephron) water permeable but not solute permeable
descending loop of henly
released bt kidney and affects production of RBCs
increses the aqua porins in the collecting duct
main processes completed by the renal tubule
reabsorption, secretion
type of nephron surrounded by vasa recta
juxta medullary
how many of the nephrons are juxtamedullary nephrons
smooth muscle modification of the large intestin
tenea coli
componants of portal triad
portal vein, hepatic artery, bile duct
urinalysis test reflecting the amound of solute in the urine
specific gravity
cells that produce the enzumes of the pancreas