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What are the three types of blood vessels

- Arteries

- Veins

- Capillaries

What are the three layers of a blood vessel

- Tunica Externa

- Tunica Media

- Tunica Intima

What is the lumen of the blood vessel

The inside space of the vessel that blood flow through

Which vessel has a smaller lumen and why

The arteries have smaller lumens due to the high pressure needed to transport the blood to the entire body

Which vessel is more likely to collapse

Veins are more likely to collapse because they have a thinner tunica media

What is the purpose of the venous valves

To prevent back flow of blood as its being transported back to the heart.

What are the three types of arteries

- Elastic

- Muscular

- Arterioles

Which vessel has more elastic and collagen fibers and why

Arteries have more elastic and collagen because they contract and relax while transporting blood


Veins affect blood pressure

FALSE, veins do not affect blood pressure because they do not contract and relax.

What are the different types of capillaries.

What is their degree of permeability

- Continuous: most common, least permeable

- Fenestrated: slightly more permeable

- Sinusoid: most permeable