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Mechanism of Action
Inhibits Dihydropteroate synthase

What are the 3 DHFRI's and what do they specifically inhibit
Trimethoprim-bacterial DHFR

Pyrimethamine-protozoal DHFR (antimalarial)

Methotrexate-inhibits mammalian, bacterial and protozoan DHFR (used to treat psoriasis and various cancers)

Pregancy Category
Pregnancy Category B: Animal studies show no risk or effects in animals not confirmed in humans
Primary use for Sulfisoxazole
Prophylaxis in kids with RECURRENT otitis media
What is the 1st choice drug for recurrent otitis media
What is the drug of 1st choice for acute otitis media
Amoxicillin (an aminopenicillin) or a 2nd or 3rd generation cephalosporin
There are 3 options
What is Sulfisoxazole an alternate for
Uncomplicated UTI (cystitis)
What are 2 causes of community acquired UTI's
80% E. coli
10% Staph saprophyticus
What are 2 causes of nosocomial UTI's
50% E. coli
40% Klebsiella, Proteus, Enterobacter, Serratia
10% Enterococcus faecalis, Staph saprophyticus, Staph aureus
Sulfamethoxazole is available with what DHFR and is aka what

How is Sulfamethoxazole administered
Oral and IV
3 uses for TMP-SMZ
UTI is local E.coli resistance is <20%.

Respiratory and GI infections

High doses for Pneumocystis carnii in AIDS
Compare treatments of UTI if local resistance is <20% versus >20%
If <20% use TMP-SMZ

If >20% use a fluoroquinolone (eg Ciprofloxacin)
Sulfacetamide is aka
What are the components of Vasosulf
What is phenylephrine
a vasopressor
What are the components of Blephamide
What is prednisolone
a glucocoticoid (anti-inflammatory)
What 2 conditions are sulfacetamide combinations alternates for
Ulcerative blepharitis and Bacterial conjunctivitis
What are 2 bacterial causes for Ulcerative blepharitis
S. aureus and S. epidermidis
What is the 1st choice for ulcerative blepharitis
polysporin ointment (bacitracin+polymyxin B)
What is the 1st choice for ulcerative blepharitis when you want better Gram - coverage
Use the aminoglycoside antibiotic gentamicin ophthalmic ointment
What are the 4 most common causes of bacterial conjunctivitis
Staph aureus
Strep pneumoniae
H. influenzae
Moraxella catarrhalis
Of the 2 sulfacetamide combinations which one is most appropriate as an alternate for bacterial conjunctivitis
What is the 1st choice for bacterial conjunctivitis
What is the 1st choice for bacterial conjunctivitis if you want better Gram - coverage
Use the ophthalmic form of the fluoroquinolone ciprofloxacin
What is Silver Sulfadiazine used for
For burns to prevent sepsis
How can silver sulfadiazine toxic
The silver that is released is toxic and can be absorbed if covering a large area
What subclass is mafenide
What is mafenide used for
What are 4 general side effects of all Sulfas
Blood discrasias
What medical condition would be contraindicated for the use of even topical Sulfas
Blood discrasias