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Turkish women and the law
During WW1 in 1920s, Ohoman empired was failed and they came after the Rome Empired. The Ataturk want turkey to become Demoracy. Women Right in Turkey say that their arrangement of marriage not allowed to say who they got married. They use the bride wealth and amount of money to paid by the groom family.
Obento Boxes
The Japense culture which called Japanese Lunch boxes. Foodway meaning in culture how its prepared , and who prepared it. The state is controling their behavior, education.Eduation control s food. Food controls mom and children. The state say if you don't make a good lunch everything will be ruined. It does push women into domesticity, lunch is big rule for women in a state system. It contribute to women's equality. The mythological say that become japanese by eating japanese food. Food can be right or wrong. Right is how to prepared it.
Bride Burning
Bride burning is the way of Indian marriage arrangement. The Great Britian tried to changed the INdia from Argicultural to industrial. By rising a bride burning a girl are married in to a family with dowry family. Dowry family keep asking for more dowry unitl bride family are out of money. Bride family is out of money, the husband set up kitchen on fire and killed children and mom.Women know it coming and they don't leave their marriage. The reason why is because they know it worse to divorce or leave rather than die. The affect them is by the economic issue because of economoic motivation for killing these women and holding them hostage.
Inocencia and communism
During Cuba 1924-1959, ruled by Batisa. They want havana to be new Las Vegas. In 1959, Batista overthown by Fidel castro. Communist is achieved because women will be equal. Engles say that for women who live in a state system and they will achieve their equality. During 1959, with Soviet support Carribean ecocomny provided from two things sugar and tourist. Soviet collasped in 1990, and Cuba had no money so China and Europe gave them money but still not enough. Incoenia and sister serving her other sisters. She married to Ronaldo but not like him. he raped her and beat her up and took all the money she make won't give it back. Ronaldo got involve with communist. She is committed during Revolution then after that she got job as cleaning. She left Ronaldo and have place of her own to live. She say that communist does benefit her by having a job, and place to life.
Women as religious leaders
Religion mean a dominat social force, informs social roles. There are five major religion
2) Buddhism
3) Christianity
4) Islam
Women are not religious leaders for the most part nor are they figures of divine power.
Female divine figures
Women are more likely to be directly and figures to be involved in smaller "religion"
They tend to be messianic which mean single or group of humans say to be in direct contact with divine and bring divine word to the people.
Mama Lola
Mama Lola is the voodoo prists she was born in Hadi and came to U.S. in 1960s. She has strong relationship with Ezili Dantor and Ezili Freda. Lola was married but left her husband and came to U.S. without a man. It is huge impact on women because of postive, they are more respected
Ezili Dantor
Ezili Dantor is the warrior Iwa. She thought to be female war goddess that lead slaves out of slavery. She is connected to Mater Slavatores which is an African verison of Mary who has 2 Sharp lines running down her cheek and said to have lost her tougue in thef ight to free slaves. She was very gesture but couldn't speak.
Ezili Freda
Freda is the "flirt" she is connected to maria Dolorosa which mean white version of virgin with flowing black robes and absure the Christ child. Lola thought that she is the mother of illegitmate kids because she is trying to to hide them. Freda is more like girly girl she get lotions, pretty things.
Mother Ann (Ann Lee)
Ann grew up in Northern England, she is the daughter of Baker and Butcher.She became Dominant figure.She was married and has many miscarriages. She keep getting thrown into jail because of protest and screaming.
Women and the Shakers
Ann and her womens came to New York in 1774 include her husband. THey called it Shakers that came from Shaking Quakers.Shaker has been primarily dominant by women. Ann is their example and presents herself as a divine figure. Shaker still alive today but only 4 to 5 shakers left. It hit their peak in 1900s.
First and Second Great Awakening
America was wher people could escaped religious prosecution. The First Awakening during early 1680- 1730s. It run up to Civil war times. The 2nd awaken during the 19th century. They are more impactful becuase of more relgious movement. The biggest mormanism founded in upstate New York and then they moved to Utah. It is the Biggest native tradition.
Consanguinal Kinship
Consanguinal Kinship mean a relationship by blood.
Affinal Kinship
Affinal Kinship mean relation by marriage.
Dadi's daughters
Dadi's family are the Northern Indian family.
Dadi's daughter move away to her husband area. Dadi's daughter will be the more to visit back home the more stronger she is to her in laws.
Dadi's daughters in law
Darshini is the eldest daughter in law an will become a Dadi. Darshini is not liked she don't have any family bec of accused of stealing etc. Her husband drinks and lost his job and have no skills. Dadi is the only one who is on her side.
African-American Kinship patterns
There are couple of main argument about the kindship patterns. They believes that male figure in to the family but it is adult women form the absis of the family. The reason why is that
1. Nuclear famililes weren't allowed to stay together during slavery. 2. Problem in reconstruction of how they would make a living divided men and women by how 1. push toward industrial north 2. or servant oriented job target to women. 3. Legal system that keep poor faamiies apart. For example, more welfare for single parents than 2 parents hosuehold.There are three problem that there are women ruling family structure is that male are in jailed, african american are singled parents stucture dued of welfare. Women are building blocks to kinship structure by the result of old patterns tend to drive man away from households.
Kinship work
The kindship work basic on component of anthropology research and family organization family forms basic building blocks of social organization.
One Child Policy
One child policy is found in China. Family are only allowed to have one child each. During seven month pregnancy a mother have to debating wheather she will going ot have abortion or keep a baby. One-child policy only 1/7 of land per person. Changzhou facotrs see much couple are using birth control. Women who are over 24yrs old can get pregant. Women who get pregant have to register a birth planning only boys will go live with parents. China government think it best for everyon's benefits no sympathy for families who have 2nd child. They will receieve one child certificate and offer free education $30 dollars per year for free check up. IF family decide to have 2nd child they have to pay back all of the 1st child expense. They have Granny police which mean delievers family planning message. Women check every 4month to make sure IUD in place. If baby dies, or is handicapped you can apply for another baby, or twin or triplets or a remarriage age or divorce. If fall mothers in a factory 100% one child, they all get a bonus and a free nursery. THe goal is to control the population.
Rite of pasage
1)Seperation of the individual from their preceding social state.2) a period of transition in which they are neither one thing nor the other 3) an intergration phase in which through various rites of incorpation they are absorbed into their social state.
American way of birth
Women are not SICK but the system is set up to make her feel as if something wrong with her and must be helped. Davis Flyod argue that American birth is right of passage and has the power of a ritual.Ritual is the symbolic cultural belief of power in patterns or values
The kind of drugs that will calm the nervous system and other part of her body down. It goes too low then she will have to have c-section.Picoin will induce uterine contraction when the mother's medical condition or suspected fetal jeopardy prevents natural onset of labor (water has broken,risk of rapid delievery.) To improve (augment) labor, when the frequency,strenth of contraction.Also, it help to control the bledding.
The body as a machine
Davis Fllyod belive that this ritual the doctor is the actor and she is the birthing machine that won't work well unil the doctor help. THe 95 percent women giving a birth at the hospital as same system. Women who giving birth at home are looked at them differently.
Female genital mutilation
there are three related procedures
1) Sunna
2) Intermediate
3) Pharaonic
Pharoonic mutilation
THe most extreme form which removal of clitoris, labia minora/majora and sows up together and only leave small opening for urine and mensus.When they get married it is cut open for a penis to fit. Sudan is the country that have the most mutalation. Around 97% have been mutaled and 85% have been pharaonicly mutaled.
Sunna mutilation
Removal of clitoris foreskin or clitoris itself.
In Sudan women called Dayas's doing the cutting. People who perform genital mutilation outside of the hopsital no training.Sundanese- Muslims duty that women must do. Women are mostly likely to do this to other women. Typically done to girls when they were 5-6yrs old. This make women able to marry. Th pharaonic girls are 100% marriable because she is a virgin.The system is one that people find great meaning in having Americans say don't do it isn't a good thing. It needs to happen from the women in that system to take a stand.
Newal and mutilation
6yrs old she and her sister were mutalated in her bathroom in her home done by a daya. Sunna mutalation without anesthia. THey give out a party afterward. Female mutalation is rite of passage. She wrote a book called " Women and Sex." - Gential, marriage and divorce, women in sex and reproduction. She was put in jail for being a enemy of state. She was trained as medical Dr in Egypt and Paris. During prision time she find great power regret not allowed to talk to the egypitan christian.
Newal is the genitally mutilated with a sunna.
Indian Female infanticide
They prefer boys over girls. The high rate of email infanticide in Punjab, India. First- it happen to 2 or 3 female happend across the class line. Indian legal system reconzied homeicide was a crime. he governement had heo-hato infanticide which is that baby who are under 1 yrs old are homicide and baby who are over 1 yrs old.But the techonology came along was performed, they do the sex selected abortions by if the fetus was girl, it will be aborted. There are now sex-selective abortions. Before the ultersounds, ratio 12:10 of babies normal. 102 females:100males. "explanations"- ecology,economly, but the truth is that Punjab Indias welathiest state in India. There is no problem feeding population. Normal explanation doesn't fit.
"Sitting on" the British
during the 15-16th century, European power began to explore the places. Every place they went to people already settle down there. Then they sent the people to control the new colonies for the next 300-400 years they conqured or controlled what they already conqured. During the end of the colonialism which not happen until the mid 20th century. They created a new pattern which called global capitalism. Former colonies have economic power over former colonies. Western domination still exists despite political autonomey. 1) possiblity development thast has no impact on women that it doesn't have on men which are the gential neutral.
2) The more impact on women than men because they tend to carry idealogy of male domination the more negative on women.
The colony of U.S. one of the 1st lead by King Kameehameha and his wife Queen Kaahamanu. During the 19th century king died and queen stil have the power but not the political power. Queen met Mercy Whitney. Whitney was a missonary that sent from her church to Hawaii. Whitney and the others all from New England the believers of cult of true Womenhooo. Women shld be:pious,pure, submissive and domestic. Pious is very religious,Pure mean only sex with husband for reproduction. Submissive mean 2nd to men and all things. First three are more important than last or to abandom domesticity. It only to bring other woemn to the cult. They want to Convert Hawaiian woman to the cult. The New approach to colonialism are the first time women trying to changed other cultures which is not very successful. Let them teach them how to read and learn English.
Amiria's wedding/Amiria's Horse
She had her tumau marriage, her promise to her father is that she will have to marry a pakeha.
Mary and Ezra Pound
Mary was daughter of Ezra Pound. Ezra was married to an Englishwoman Dorthy Shakespear Pound. Mary was raised by her foster parents Mamme and tatte. Mary's parents want her to speak Enlgish and learn poetry and music. Olga(her mother) and Mary work with Pound's wife the Italian government, the government of U.S. and many other poets and writer to secure Pound's release. Mary didn't know about Pound's wife and her son until later.
Moroccan factories
Industry has developed into one of the country's most significant export trade and Moroccan females have become the labor power for clothing. Most workers are female and most are unmarried.