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Who is Andrew Jackson?
Jackson was the 7th president, 2 terms. He had a lack of education. Battle of New Orleans war hero. He was elected in 1828 (popular vote). He was a democrat (sts rights), against Adams
What is he known for?
The Spoils System, Tariff/Nullification Crisis, National Bank, Indian Policy, election of 1824
Spoils System
The practice of a successful political party giving public office to its supporters- elect based in political parties (some thought it was unjust because ably bodies got jipped because they were not of the same political party)
what is a tariff?
Tariff of Abominations (Tariff of 1828)
Tariff is a tax on imported goods. Tariffs increased the prices that southern agriculturists paid for manufactured goods and threatened to undermine their foreign markets by inciting counterprotection.
Nullification Crisis
South Carolina (south) refused to pay tariff (threatened to succeed) (Calhoun). Jackson took US federal side and ordered a naval blockade. US Congress passed force bill (lower tariff over 10 years and, military can enforce) Clay seem as the compromiser
National Bank
Jackson opposed a National Bank because he thought it was unconstitutional, benefitted north and east, rich got richer. Thought gold and silver better than paper money. Thought that the bank was a monopoly. Biddle the bank president was not happy. Jackson vetoed National Bank Federal Charter
Indian Policy
Jackson thought that Americans and Indians should not live together. Indian Removal Act of 1830- Moved them west of the Mississippi. Georgia gave no legal protection to the Cherokee Indians. Jackson took state side. Trail of Tears (4,000 cherokee indians died) Last tribe to be relocated
Election of 1824
Adams- President
Jackson, Crawford (Clay) all considered republicans
after pop. vote no majority- clay dropped and supported Adams
HOR selected President
Corrupt Bargain
In the election of 1824- when Clay dropped out, he sided wtih Adams. Jackson said that was a corrupt bargain because Clay got the position of Sec. of State