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Antiginous took over where?
Greece & Macedonia
Seleceos took over where?
Bactria & Anatolia
Ptolemy took over where?
When Alexanders empire dissappears, who takes over?
Rome is know for what...3 things
Military, Administrative Skills, & adapting Greek culture for its own uses
Italian Peninsula divides what into halves?
Mediterreanean Sea
Italian Peninsula has what kind of natural harbers?
few good ones
Rome owes it's beginning to...3 things
Tiber River, Ford, 7 Hills
Po R was known for what?
half Italy fertile land by it
Robicon R was known for what?
His faithful decision
The early people of rome where who? 3
Latins, Etruscans, & Greeks
Who was in the Aeneas? 2
Romolus & Remus
Founding Fathers looked at Rome why? 3 things
Royal, Republican, & Imperial
Republican means...?
Gov't officials chosen by the people
Tarquin the Proud is remembered why?
Etruscan King thrown out in 509 BC & his removal establishes an antiking tradition
why problems between the Patricians and the Plebeians?
Pat... 10-30% population, 70% of community's wealth, 100% political voice.
How did the Plebeians attack the Patricians?
Taking Strikes
Good Results of War... 2
New land & more pride
Bad results of war... 3
Cause social & economic problems, & growing gap between rich & poor, & overcrowded cities
Latifundia means...?
Large farms
Tiberius known for...
Land reform
Gaius known for...
Cheap grain
Generals that attempted to save the republic... 2
Marius & Solla
What happened at the battle of Actium?
Octavians naval forces win against Marc Antony
All of the following are Rome achievements...3 things
Establishes long lasting system of gov't, establishes a civil service system, & expands Roman road network
All of the following are reasons why the Civil Service System started...3 reasons
efficient gov't, challenge power of senate, & opportunites to plebians
what is the term for 200 years of peace, prosperity, & order?
Pax Romana
Romans influenced by Greeks in what 2 catagories?
Art & Literature
Virgils Aeneid was designed to do what?
Arrouse patriotism
Livy chose to write about what?
Romes past heros
Roman Architecture was characterized by what?
Roman aquaducts did what?
carried water to city
What was a new building material used by Romans?
What was the most important temple of Roman Times?
ROmes most lasting legacy was its what?
3 principals with Roman Law was what?
innocent until proven guilty, right to face an accouser, & entitled to a jury of your peers
What was the major weakness of Romans imperial government?
What are the military causes of the decline and fall of Rome? 2
Germanic invasions & mercenaries
What are the social causes of the decline and fall of Rome? 2
Values & Luxery
What are the political causes of the decline and fall of Rome? 3
corruption, involvemnt, & economic reasons
What year did it fall in?
476 AD
Diocletion did what?
Double size of army, Divide empire
Constantine did what?
Capital, Christianity
Who arrived in territory in order to escape huns?
Germanic invaders