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If the purpose of the tracheotomy is to allow air into the lungs as quickly as possible, the incision should be made in the…
c-shaped cartilage rings
what is the membrane that is adherent to the lung?
Visceral pleura
what is the membrane a few mm away from it?
Parietal pleura
what fills the space between the two membranes?
Pleural fluid
what forms the fluid?
The pleura
pseudo unipolar neuron: both processes have....
How do we know we're in the peripheral nervous system?
Axons attach to muscle
What forms myelin
Schwann cells (glial cell)
multiple schlerosis is an autoimmune disease the myelin sheath slowly disappears. Myelin in the cns is formed by what?
Can these fibers myelinate more than one process from a neuron?
what part of the neural tube does the basal ganglia come from?
the cellular organelle that continuously renews protein in the membranes and cytoplasm of a neuron is called what?
How much CSF is formed/day?
700 cc
What is a junction between two schwann cells?
Node of ranvier
What is a junction between two nerve cells?
glial cell with many functions
what do glial cells do?
Metabolic and structural support cell for the nerve cell
group of neurons outside the CNS
Most nerve cells in the CNS are
What category are pyramidal cells in the crebral cortex?
What is the area between the grey matter and the edge of the spinal cord?
lishour fasiculus
(pain and temp)
From the hemispheres the CSF flows into the ventricles between the thalami and the hypothalami
: the 3rd ventricle
From the 3rd, the CSF flows into a thin ventricle runs from 3rd to midbrain:
this is just extra
The flow of CSF flows from lateral to intraventricular foramen to 3rd ventricle to aqueduct to 4th. From the 4th, CSF goes outside the brain and into sinuses. CSF forming in the ventricles flows outside the brain in the arachnoid space to get to the sinuses.
cerebral spinal fluid (CSF) in the 3rd ventricle flows into what?
17. the 3rd neuron in a sensory pathway from the cord is found where?
what sensory nerve supplies the teeth?
5th cranial nerve
if left lateral spino-thalamic tract is damaged at T2, where do we get lack of sensation(pain and temperature)?
Below right T3 and T4
conscious proprioception is coming up what?
posterior funiculus
prefrontal functions
planning, working memory, judgement, sequencing, initiative.

Astero agnosis is the answer
what is the gyrus at the end of the lateral fissure
fibers originating in motor cortex coming down in what tract?
Cortico-spinal and cortico bulbar
in general where does the cortico-bulbar tract go? Specifically?
Cranial nerve motor nuclei
7th cranial nerve
2 main divisions of prosencephalon
diencephalons and telencephalon.
Rombincephalon separate into which two?
metencephalon and myelencephalon
myelencephalon gives rise to what?
Which of these do viscreal efferent fibers innervate?
Axon hillock
where axon attaches to neuron
has no nissl substance
Glia is found in grey and white matter, in anterior horn but not in...
connective tissue around a bundle of nerve fibers
Around a single nerve fiber
Peripheral nerve does NOT have?
fibers from pyramidal cells
What is FALSE about dendrites?
dendreites convey info away from soma
HOw do we tell healhty nerve cell bodies?
Nuecleus is in the center
How about damaged nerve cells?
nucleus becomes eccentric, as well as nissl
What is myeline?
List 3 structural classifications of nerve cells:
bipolar (retina, olfactory)
multipolar (MOST COMMON)
damage of nerve cells
external nares
opening for nasal cavity to outside (conch/turbinate)
The Eustrachean tube open What to what?
nasal pharynx to middle ear
What kind of epithelium do we have covering the nasal cavity?
Pseudo stratified columnist ciliated with Globet cells .
Where is pseudo stratified columnist cells not found?
alveoli and vocal cords
why do we have conches/turbinates?
Warm, moisten, clean air.
What does not make up the nasal septum? (might be on the test)
nasal bone
What do we call the lymphoid in the nasal pharynx?
Pharyngeal tonsil
produces lymphocytes
Hyaline cartilage is NOT found in?
Terminal bronchioles
what feeds into olfactory bulb from nasal cavity?
45. Olfactory nerves go through cribiform plate
Where is the cell body in the optic nerve?
Retina ganglia cell.
Where does ocular motor nerve orginate?
what innervates superior oblique eye muscle?
what innervates the frontalis?
7th cranial
What happens if the anterior neural pore closes?
no brain formed
Which statement is incorrect about vocal cords?
constrict during asthma
in emphysemia:
chest remains large after inspiration? YES
cancer of lung occurs most frequently
-in walls of bronchi
What runs through the basal ganglia
internal capsule