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Skeleton of Head
2 Parts of Crainum
Neurocranium and Viseral Cranium
Skeleton of Head
2 Parts of Crainum
Neurocranium and Viseral Cranium
How many cervical veterbrae are there?
Which 2 of the cervical veterbrae are called Atypical
C1 and C2
Which of the cervical vetebrae are called typical
Where does the Veterbral Artery pass in the cervical veterbrae
Transverse Formanen
-Only the first 6 Cervical Vertebrae
These are part of the Cervical Portion of the Vertebral Arteries
Where do the Vetebral arteries start?
Root of neck as the first branches of the subclavian
They are the first branches of a Main Artery from the heart
What is the Atlantic Portion of the Vetebral Arteries
-What do thy penetrate
-Where do they pass
Part of Vetebral Arteries that passes through the Atlas (C1)
-Penetrate the dura and arachnoid and
-Pass through the Foramen magnum
When do the Vetebral arteries become Basillar Arteries
When they unite at the caudal part of the pons
Called Basillar b/c of its close relationship w/ the base of the brain
The Basillar arteries divides into what 2 arteries
Posterior Cerebral Arteries
The Cerebral Arteries in the brain consists of:
Anterior, Middle, and Posterior. What parts of the brain do each of these arteries suppy
Anterior: Medial// Superior Surface of Brain & Frontal Pole
Middle: Lateral Surface of Brain & Temporal Pole
Posterior:Inferior Surface of the Brain & the Occipital Pole
The Cerebral circle of Willis is on the VENTRAL surface of the brain: It is an Anastomosis of what 4 arteries
2 Internal Carotids
2 Vertebral
What artery in the circle of Willis supplies the:
-Walls of the Cavernous Sinus
-Pituitary Gland
-Trigeminal Ganglion
Internal Carotid
Primary Supply to Brain
What does the Anterior Cerebral Artery Supply?
Both Cerebral Hemispheres except Occipital Lobe
The Anterior Cerebral Artery is a branch of what artery
Internal Carotid
Where does the Internal Carotid originate from
The Common Carotid Artery @ the Superior Border of the Thyroid Cartilage
This artery distributes its blood to the Circle of Willis
Anterior Communicating
Orginates from the Anterior Cerebral
This artery is a continuation from the Internal Carotid
Middle Cerebral
Supplies most of the Lateral Surface of the brain
This artery is from the Subclavian and distributes its blood to the cranial meninges and Cerebellum
Vertebral Arteries
Will unite to form the Basilar Artery
What does the Basilar artery supply
Brainstem, Cerebellum, and the Cerebrum
3 Things
Where does the Posterior Cerebral Artery come from
Terminal branch of Basilar Artery
-Supplies the Inf. Aspect of the brain and the Occipital lobe
This Artery supplies the Optic Tract, Cerebral Peduncles, Internal Capsule
Posterior Communicating
From Posterior Cerebral
C7 of the cervical vertebrae has this promient stucture
Bifid Spinous Process
C7 is AKA: Vertebrae Prominens
What do the Cervical Veterbra enclose
Meninges and SC
2 Things