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George Washing
-American Revolution war general
-fought at Fort Lee & Fort Washington
-ppl. thought that they should start looking for a new "Continental Army"
-many of his men were sik and dieing
Benedict Arnold
-was one of the most famous traitors
-secretly agrred to turn over West Point to British hands
-felt he didn't get enough credit for his victories
King George III
-a tryrant king that rules the colonies from over 3,000 miles away
-ignored many peaceful petitions
-was a roofless ruler and abused power over everything
Benjamin Franklin
-helped write the D.O.I.
-he attempted many jobs
-one of America's Founding Fathers
General John Burgoyne
-general in the American Rev.
-surrendered to Howe on 19th of September of the year 1777
-was out numbered (reason for surrender)
General Cornwallis
-general in the American Rev.
-surrendered to American's & French on October 17, 1781
-was trapped b/c surrounded by other troops
Thomas Jefferson
-elected the 2nd Contental Congress
-halped with the Declaration of Independence
-was a major-general in the American Rev.
-was a ssigned to Washingtons staff
Thomas Paine
-the writer of "Common Sense"
-wanted to turn colonists aginast the British
-wanted colonists to open eyes and see that the Britch were hurting them
-some one that stays loyal to mother Britain