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People who study about people, places, and events of the past.
What are historians?
People who actually sees some act or happening.
What is an eyewitness?
Scientist who studies ancient ruins and artifacts to learn about the past.
What is an archaeologist?
Friendly nation that helps another nation in a war.
What is an ally?
Scientific name for humans.
What is Homo sapiens?
Uncivilized people.
What are barbarians?
Land just beyond the settled edge of a nation
What is a frontier?
Settlements people made in lands away from their own nations
What were colonies?
Large settled area conquered and controlled by a single power
What is an empire?
North America, Central America, and South America
What was the New World?
Places where the first known civilizations were established
What were river valleys?
Way to measure the passage of days, months, and years
What is a calendar?
Time before history was written
What is prehistoric time?
Period of 100 years
What is a century?
Event used in the Christian calendar to measure time
What is the birth of Christ?
Period of 10 years
What is a decade?
Period after the Bronze Age when humans used tools made from iron
What was the Iron Age?
What A.D. stands for
What is Anno Domini?
agreement between nations
What is a treaty?
Humans' belief in God or the supernatural
What is religion?
Item of information
What is a fact?
Agreement that ends a war
What is a peace treaty?
Groups of people who make laws that others must obey
What is a government?
Attack in which hostile troops of one nation enter another nation
What is an invasion?
Term for a nation with more people than it can support
What is overpopulation?
Empire-building by nation
What is imperialism?
A human-made object, such as a tool or weapon
What is an artifact?
An event or time that marks the beginning of a new development
What is an epoch?
Period of time figured from some particular date
What is an era?
Period of 20 years
What is a score?
Prehistoric period during which humans used tools made from stone
What was the Stone Age?
Period of 1,000 years
What is a millennium?
Long period of time
What is an eon?
Period of approximately 33 years
What is a generation?
Conflicts in which two parts of the same nation fight each other
What are civil wars?
Facts that point toward what is true and what is false about an event
What is evidence?
Careful hunting for facts or truth
What is research?
Idea about how something happened
What is a theory?
Exact words of someone
What is a quotation?
Culture or ways of living of a society
What is civilization?
Happenings are connected to one another in some way
What are related events?
Family of rulers
What is a dynasty?