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Describe the Domino Theory.
JFK's stradegy for once south Vietnam was conquered, it was only a matter of time before more islands fell under the rule Communism.
LBJ #1
Increased # of troops and aid supplies. Passed the Gulf of Tolkin Resolution
Viet Cong
overran saigon, and gained control of the capital.
Feb. 27th Naval battle of...
Java Sea
April on Tokyo
Famous Japan fighter Plane....
The Mitsubishi A6M
Most remarkable combat history of any ship in the pacific war...
First man to Orbit the Earth.
John Glen
His crew landed on the moon In 1969
Neil Armstrong
the blacks of the community called the community to stop using public transportation...
Bus Boycott
Beloved leader of Civil Rights. leader of peaceful protests.
Martin Luther King Jr.
Civil Rights leader, pretty much opposite of Martin L. King Jr. assassinated along with him.
Malcom X