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austrailian ballot
"the secret ballot" voteres choices are confidential
a court order that serves as an example for which subsequent decision are to be made in conjunction with
writ of habeous corpus
court right letting an indivdual out of jail if he had not been indicted
the great compromise
the result of one of the greatest debates in american history over the number of representatives granted to each state to make up congress. ben franklin suggested a bi-cameral house, whereby the senate consists of 2 reps per state, while the house is based on population
power of the purse
specific power of the house. all money bills originate here.
ex post facto
court right in which an individual cannot be punished or convited for a crime if it was legal at the time of the offense
straight ticket
indiana style ballot split in two: one side with democrats another with republicans
balancing the ticket
an attempt to gain more widespread appeal either pres choosing running mate (vice president) or simply politcial organizations balancing different interests
primary election
political party chooses its nominee for an upcoming general election
term to describe individual currently holding public office in an election
an individual represnted by legislator or other elected offcial
dipolamtic policy where specifcially the truman administration encouraged strongholds worldwide to contain communism
foreign policy
a country's external goals
process begun in the house of reps. accusing the president or other public official of wrongdoing
a group of advisors selected by the presidne to aid in decision making