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What is air pollution?
the condition in which the air contains substances harmful to living things
what is thermal inversion?
the atmospheric condition in which the air above is warmer than the air below, sometimes trapping pollutants near the Earth's surface
what is smog?
air pollution over urban areas that reduces visibility; smoke + fog = smog
what is sick-building syndrome?
the condition of a building with particularly poor air quality frequently caused by sealed windows and poor air circulation
what is acid precipitation?
highly acidic rain, sleet, or snow that results from the release of oxides of sulfur and nitrogen into the air from burning fossil fuels
what is the greenhouse effect?
warming affect when heat is trapped by gases in the troposphere and warms the air
what is ozone?
form of oxygen with molecules made up of three oxygen molecules
what is ozone depletion?
damaging and decreasing amount of ozone in the ozone layer