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Describe the four basic stages of consumr decision making
1. Need recognition
2. Information search and alternative evaluation
3. Purchase
4. Postpurchase use and evaluation
What is the goal for marketers and advertisers?
Simply to generate a sale

ultimately, create satisfied customers
(65% of business from satisfied customers)
What is Multi-attribute attitude models?
Provide a framework and a set opf research prodcedure for collecting information from consumers to assess their salient beliefs and attitudes about competitive brands.
What are the four fundamental components of MAAMS?
1. evaluative criteria -what consumers use to compare brands
2. importance weights - priority that a partiular evaluative criterion receives from the cosumer
3. consideratin set - group of brands that represent their choice
4. beliefs - the knowledge and feelings that a consumer has about various brands
Who is a good student and a great guy?
Justin Oakes