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who is Claudius?
The King
who is Laertes
Polonius' son
who is Gertrude
who is Hamlet
who is Horatio
Good friend of Hamlet
hamlets love
Works for the king
one of the gaurds
Hamlets dad
Polonius' servant
Prince of Norway
Old Norway
Fortinbras' Uncle
The Castle
Where the king was Killed
where Laertes is at school
why was horatio called to stand guard with marcellus and bernardo?
to speak to the ghost in latin
what happened between Norway and denmark before King Hamlet's death?
hamlet killed the other king and took all of his land
what is going on with Norway after King Hamlets Death?
Fortinbras wants all that land back and revenge
what 3 reasons does horatio give for the ghosts appearance in act 1 scene1
1.warn loved ones
2.if country is in danger
3.buried treasure
what advice does polonius give to laertes before he leaves for paris?
to know who his true friends are, don't borrow or lend money, be true to urself
who is the ghost
king hamlet
where is the ghost during the day? where is he at nite? why is in these places?
in hell,walking at nite,b/c he couldnt repent his sins
who killed the king? how did he die?
cladius, by pouring poison in his ear
what four things did the kings killer take from king hamlet?
1. his crown
2. his wife
3. his life
4. last rights
how is hamlet going to act in order to acheive his revenge?
act crazy!
who do Gertrude and Claudius ask to come to Elsinore to spy on Hamlet?
rosencrantz and gildenstern
who invites the actors to elsinore?
rosencrantz and gildenstern
How is Polonius going to prove that hamlets love for Ophelia is the reason for his madness?
put them together and spy on them
what parallel is between Halets story and the story of Pyhrrus?
revenge for his fathers death
what is hamlet going to inject into the actors play?
What does he hope this will do?
the specific death of his fathers, to get a reaction of quilt out of Claudius
what is a fishmonger
seller of a fish or a pimp
why wont hamlet kill claudius while given the chance
b/c he doesnt want claudius to go to heaven
after spying on ophelia and hamlet, what does claudis decide about hamlet, and what does he decide to do with hamlet.
hes not crazy because of love, he thinks hes dangerous, so he wants to send him to england
what are the two meanings of nunnery in this play?
convent or a whore house
polonius insists that he do what before they send hamlet away?
let his mother talk to him
what are hamlets rules on the actors on how to act?
dont make it humorous, dont entertain the groundlings, dont overdo it
who does hamlet insult before the play with the play?
how does claudius react to the play?
he got up and walked off
what allusion does shakespear have Claudius use to proclaim his crime?
Kane and Abel
what statement does claudius make about quilty men on earth and in heaven?
cant hide it in heaven....
you can pay ppl off on earth
hamlet will kill claudius when he(claudius) is doing what?
when hamlet slays polunious, who does he hope it is before he knows it is polonius?
what two things does hamlet make his mother swear to do?
dont go back to bed with claudius, and pray for forgiveness