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What is the MA-1 barrier used for?
To stop a/c not eqipped with tailhooks but the a/c must have a nose wheel for it to be effective
What is the max knots that E-5 mod 1 and 3 can arrest?
165 knots
What is the max knots that the E-5 and E-5 mod 2 can arrest?
150 knots
How far from the runway are dead man anchors placed?
15 feet
What is the difference between the E-5 and E-5 mod 1?
The E-5 has two arresting gear cables that are the same length but the E-5 mod 1 are of different lengths
What is the difference with the way that the E-5 cables are arranged?
E-5 Mod 2 and mod 3 are able pendants to be rigged at either end
Who must inspect and certify the arresting gears before it is used?
Naval Air warfare center
What type of arresting gear wire is used?
1 inch performed wire 6X19
How do you determine the correct length of an E-5 or E-5 mod installation?
Add 20 feet to the runway length
What manual can you find out information on arresting gears?
NAVAIR 51-5-28
What is bird caging?
Opening of strands in the cable
What is determined to be excessive?
Existence of 30 or more broken wires in an abraded area
What is the max life of a CDP?
36 months
What is height of the top of the arresting gear and from the surface to the bottom of the cable?
5 1/2inches and 2 inches
What is the Milspec for the graphite grease?
What is the minimum amount of donuts installed on a CDP?
How should the donuts be laid out for the E-5 arresting gear?
9 ft from center and 5 ft thereafter
How many retention hooks do the E-5 mod 1and3 use?
What are the retention hooks used for?
To hold a set of deck pendants in a prescribed geometric pattern the hook is positioned by a dowel pin
If the retention hooks have rotated what does that indicate?
Dowel pin failure
How does chain normally come?
90 ft lengths
What is the runout for an A-3?
2,300 ft
What is the re battery time for heavy chain conf.?
45 min
What is the max weight that an E-28 can commodate?
What is the max engagement speed for the E-28?
160 knots
What is the cycle time for the E-28?
80 seconds
Whatis the function of the retrieve assembly?
to rewind the tape and pretension the pendant after each arrestment
What is the max service life of the CDP for E-28?
24 months
How many broken wires are allowed on the E-28 gear?
What is the nomenclature for the hydraulic fluid?
What is the manual for the E-28 arresting gear?
NAVAIR 51-5-31