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Dot-Matrix Impact Or Non Impact?
Impact Continuous-Feed Line Printer.
Ink-Jet Impact Or Non Impact?
Non-Impact Sheet-fed Line Priner.
Laser Printer Impact Or Non Impact?
Non-Impact Sheet-Fed Page Printers.
What does the Primary Corona Do?
Applies a uniform negative charge (around -600V) to the drum.
What does the Transfer Corona Do?
Applies a uniform positive charge (about +600V)to the paper.
What does the Fuser do?
Melts the plastic resin in the toner so that it adheres to the paper.
What are the 6 steps of the printing process?
1. Cleaning
2. Conditioning (or charging)
3. Writing
4. Developing
5. Transferring
6. Fusing
What are the 8 possible printing interfaces that can be used for printing?
Legacy Parallel
Legacy Serial
Dye Sublimation Impact Or Non Impact?
Non Impact Line Printer
If there is loose toner on the paper after a laser print which part is defective?
What do you need to do if there are stripes on a ink-jet printout?
Clean the inkjets; one or more is clogged.
what are small marks or defects left in the same spot on every page of a laser printers printout?
A Scratch On The Drum.
Vertical black lines on the page?
A Groove or scratch in the EP drum can cause the problem.
What defective printer part can cause Image Smudging?
if you can run your thumb across the paper of a laser printer and the image comes off on your thumb its a (FUSER) problem.
What does Ghosting mean?
You can see light images of previously printed pages on the current page.This is cause by bad Erauser Lamps or Broken Cleaning Blade.
How to fix Printing Black Pages?
Charging corona wire or roller in the toner cartridge malfunctions and fails to place a charge on the EP drum.
Possibe causes of Paper Jams?
A Worn Pickup Roller
The wrong type of paper
What to do Printer Prints Garbage?
Cable partially unhooked,wrong driver selected,or a bad printer control board (PCB)
Fixing faded or light characters?
Replace ribbon with a new vendor recommended ribbon
Print lines go from dark to light as the printhead moves across page?
Replace ribbon advance gear or mechanism
black line running through a line of print?
Secure or replace the print-head cable.Replace the print head or clean it.