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What refers to the series of changes that produce a more complex organism?!?!
What are characteristics of all living things?
Use of energy,exchange gases,respond to environment,cellular organisation,reproduction,and growth and development.
What are the four basic necessities of life.
Water,food,living space,and stable internal conditions.
New plants can be created from stem cutting of the same parentplant.What type of reproduction is this?
Humans typically maintain a body temp. of 37°C and a fairly constant level of sugar in the blood.What process are these examples of?
The following are known as what?A plant growing toward light:Plants roots growing down?
What is homeostasis?
Stable internal conditions
When a duck dives under whater its inner eyelids automatically raise to cover the ducks eyes.In this case what does the water act as.
What is a change in an organism's environment that affects the organisms activity called?
Fish that live in the ice cold waters off Antartica make a natural anti-freeze that keeps them from freezing.This is the fishes way of maintaining a stable environment.This is an example of what?
What keeps the cytoplasm inside and alows nutrients in and waste products out?
Cell membrane
Food molecules are broken down to release energy by which organelle?
What is the large membrane-covered organelle that stores water and other liquids in plants?
Which organelles are energy converting organelles?
Mitochondria and chloroplasts
What is the function of the nucleus
To control the cell like a brain
Like other animals,monkeys are made of millions of what?
What are all living things made of?
What theory says that cells are the basic unit of structure and function in living things?
The Cell Theory