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Q. the first president to die in office
William Henry Harrison
Q. served for two terms, then refused to run for a third
Georg Washington
vice president who replaced a president when that president resigned
Gerald ford
president who was elected for four terms
Franklin D. Roosevelt
I both the president and vice president die or leave office, who is next in the line of succession?
Speaker of the house
The amendment that addresses presidential succession
Twenty-fifth amendment
Which of the following is NOT a requirement for the presidencya. be at least 35 years old
b. previously held an elected office
c. native-born meican citizen
d. resident of the united states for at east 14 years
previously held an elected office
who count the electoral vote and declares the winner as the next president
state representative
Article 1 of the constitution give the vice president the authority
preside over the senate
New laws the president wants congress to pass
legislative program
an order to delay a person’s punishment until a higher court can hear the case
a pardon toward a group of people
a rule of command that has the force of law
executive order
Declaration of forgiveness and freedom from punishment
the _________approves presidential appointments
In which role does the president greet visiting kings and queens, prime minister, and other foreign leader ?
head of state
when the president deals with problems such s unemployment, rising prices. Or high taxes, he is acting in his role as
economic leader
which of the following was not declared by congress by was started when the president sent troops?
Vietnam war
in which role is the president in charge of the army, navy, air force, marines, and coast guard
commander in chief
The ability to keep the country safe from attack or harm
national security
formal agreements between the government of two or mote countries
money, food, military assistance, or other supplies given to help other countries
foreign aid
nation’s overall plan for dealing with other nations
foreign policy
an official representative of a country’s government
Which of the following is NOT a power congress has in conduction
a. spend or withhold money for defense
b. command the armed force
c. declare war
d. prohibit certain military action
command the armed force
An agreement among a group of nation that prohibits them all from trading with a target nation is known as.?
trade sanction
When president bill Clinton ordered cruise missiles to ve launched at terrorist facilities in Afghanistan and Sudan in 1998, what tool of foreign policy was he using
military force
which of the following is NOT included in the foreign-policy bureaucracy in the executive branch.
a. state department
b. justice department
c. international trade
d. defense department
. b. justice department
People in to leadership jobs whom the president has chosen
Political appointees
when government jobs g to people as a reward for their political support
spoils system
Group of advisers to the president
The practice of hiring government workers on merit
civil service system
civil servant
Which part of the executive office of the president help the president coordinate united states military and foreign policy
council of economic advisers
which of the following is Not one of the basic jobs of the executive department and agencies of the federal bureaucracy?
a. advise the president on policy
b. turn new laws into action
c. regulate various activities
d. administer the day-to-day operation of the federal government
turn new laws into action
taken together, the agencies and employees of the executive branch are often called the
executive staff
what term refers to units that protect the public by making and enforcing rules for certain industries or group?
regulatory boards and commissions
what is the name of the office that directs the civle service system today
civil service standards office