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civil war begins
royal forces defeated by parliament's forces
charles 1 executed
restoration of thmonarchy: charles II crowned
plague starts
great fire of london
glorious revolution
french revolution
serious meditative poem mourning the death of someone

Thomas Gray writes an elegy in "Elegy written in a country church-yard" where there is a solemn mood and how some people are born less than others and how that affects the life that they have and how that affects the world.
a farewell speech
use of famous persons name to refer to trait the person is known for

"Some Cromwell, guiltless of his country's blood." Thomas gray writes about how Oliver Cromwell doesn't care about how many people of his country die.
carpe diem
seize the day

From Robert Herrick's "To the Virgins to make much of time"
he explains that one should seize the day because he compares us to a rose that "this smae flower that smiles today/ tomorrow will be dying"
metaphysical conceit
elaborate metaphor comparing very different ideas, images, or objects.

"Like gold to airy thinness beat."

In Valedition: Forbidding Mourning,
John Donne compares two lover's souls to expanded gold. THey are never apart, just expanded like gold.
uses humor to critisize something

in A modest proposal, Jonathan Swift proposes that ireland should become a baby selling/ eating nation because it helps the economy, although he doesn't agree to it himself.

he critisizes the poverty in ireland and how the rich get richer and poor people get even more poor
contradictory phrase

from holy sonnet 10 by john donne he talks about "poor death" death can't be poor because no one would pity death. so it contridicts itself.
image or description that appears contradictory but reveals a deeper truth

John Donne says in Holy sonnet 10 that Death will die and that's not true because how can death die, but it reveals that everything will be ok when everyone dies and goes to heaven.
puts verb or complement in the first position

"oft did the harvest to their sickle yield"

the harvest often (did) yielded to their sickle
direct address to someone or something that can't answer

In the Holy Sonnet 10 John Donne talks to Death and how he's not scared of Death, and how he helps him, so he should not fear him.
writer's attitude towards the readers and the subject.

"sacrificing the poor innocent babes."
The words poor and innocent makes the reader know that he really feels bad for the babies.
Religious meditation
thoughtful consideration of matters relating to the church and to God.

in Meditation 17 by John Donne he talks about how the church applies to every human being when the church bell rings about when someone's dying, you should use it as if it was your own bell.
a brief statement in prose or in verse

there is a concluding poem about himself (thomas gray)
inscription written on a tomb or a burial place

THomas Gray has an epitaph in elegy written in a churchyard
delibrate exaggeration or overstatement

"when thou sigh'st though sigh'st not wind, but sigh'st my soul away"
john donne :SONG

it's an exageration because you cant really sigh someone's soul away
Civil War and Oliver Cromwell
it caused people like thomas gray to write about his ruthless ways of dictatorship.
Pre Romantic
Classical Elements
-polished expression of ideas
-balanced parallel structure
-sophisticated vocab
-allusions to mythology
-inverted sentence structure

Romantic Elements
-focus on nature
-values common folk
-expression of personal feelings, emotion
-individual personal point of view

in Elegy, he writes about how it's no better being rich because you die in the end anyway, and thats no better than the commonfolk.
Restoration and Charles II
He restores things like composeres, french actors and play wrights, dutch paitners, new fashions to england
Cromwell banishes newspaper which forbidded the freedom of speech
Age of Reason
lots of writers sprung up and they wrote lots of satire . such as the neoclassical style . and johnathan swift wrote the MOdest PROPOSAL
Puritain writers
John Bunyan; Milton

milton began writing political pamphlets that asked for freedom of the press

this was during the time when parliament and charles I were rocky relationship