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Adam's "midnight appointments"
After losing the election to Jefferson, Adam's filled as many govenrment spots with Federalists as he could before leaving town.
Assembly Line
With increased industrialism, this came to make war efficient by workers preforming a single task over and over
First Bank of the United States
Idea of Hamilton to have national bank to regulate and strengthen economy; brought debate of whether or not constitutional.
Freeport Doctrine
Position on slavery by Stephen Douglas in debate against Lincoln; slavery couldn't exist if local government didn't accept it. Turned south against Douglas; legal way to get around Dred Scott Case.
The Frontier Thesis
Created by historian, humanity would continue to progress as long as there was new land to move into; this provided a place for homeless and sovled social problems
Horizontal integration
Created monopolies within a particular industry; controlling all of one industry
Interchangable Parts
Eli Whitney's solution to the expensive and time consuming hand made crafts.
Trying to incite war; US wanted to fight Spain
Judical Review
The right of the SC to declair laws passed by Congress unconsitutional, esb. Marbury v. Madison
"Kitchen Cabinet"
Term refers to how Jackson got advice from close friends
Loose Construction
Constitution is broadly interpreted, relies on implied powers and necessary and proper clause
Lowell System
guaranteed employees housing, cash wages, a communiy events contued around the mill
Belief in limited immigration, distrust of new immigrants
Popular Sovereignty
Principal that residents of territory would vote whether it was a slave or non slave state
President's Cabinet
Heads of various executive departments that advise the president
Second Bank of the United States
Failed by vetoing Congress' attempt to recharter
Second Party system
vigorous copetition between Whigs and Democrats (1830-1860)
Social Darwinism
Philosophy which stressed the strong survive and flourish. Idealized industrial giants.
Spoils System
Trading jobs for political favors
Standard Oil Co.
Build by Rockefeller became a titain of corprate business
Strict Construction
Congress should only have the rights that are stated in the Consitution
a company that operates a nework of control, created to eliminate compeition
Turner Thesis
Historian Frederick Turner argued the Fronter was a key factor in the development of American democracy and insitutions
US Steel Corporation
Created by Carnige
Utopian communities
wanted to create perfect societies