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State the objective of the Naval Aviation Maintenance Program (NAMP)
helps to standardize operations of any naval aviation command
Vol. I
O & I level maintenance
Vol. II
depot level maintenance
Vol. III
maintenance data systems (MDS)
Vol. IV
aviation 3M data processing requirements
Vol. V
standard operating procedures
maintain assigned aircraft and equipment in full mission capable status
enhance and sustain combat readiness and mission capabilities/material support
overhaul maintenance
Maintenance Officer (MO)
responsible for accomplishment of department mission
Aircraft Maintenance Officer (AMO)
assistant head of maintenance. assists the MO
Maintenance/Material Control Officer (MMCO)
overall production and material support
Material Control Officer
responsible to MMCO for tool control program
State the basic responsibilities of maintenance/production control
strive to maintain full mission capable aircraft
Discuss the basic responsibilities of the maintenance administration division
provide all administrative functions to maintenance department
Describe the difference between scheduled and unscheduled maintenance
scheduled-timely discovery and correction of defects/periodic inspections
unscheduled-discrepancies found during operations
greater depth then a turnaround. good for 72 hours
conducted between flights to ensure integrity of aircraft for flight
inspection w/ prescribed intervals
unscheduled conditions requiring inspection: bird strike, FOD search
divides total maintenance requirement into smaller packages. done sequentially & at specified intervals
performed when accepting new aircraft, or return of aircraft from major depot maintenance
performed when transfering aircraft or SE
Aircraft Service Period Adjustment (ASPA)
depot level eval of aircraft general material condition.
State the purpose of the Functional Check Flight (FCF)
to determine whether AM or AD accessories or equipment are functioning iaw predetermined standards, or aircraft not flown for 30 days or more
State the purpose of the Weight and Balance Program
standard system w/ field weight and balance control. may operating weights center of gravity restrictions and method of loading that is sat for flight
overhaul maintenance