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Name the four divisions of the brain
Frontal, Parietal, Occipital & Temporal
What functions occur in the Frontal lobe?
Speaking, Muscle movement, Planning, Judgement, process new memories, personality & morality (P.Gage)
What functions occur in the Parietal lobe?
receives sensory input for touch and body position, math spatial reasoning
What functions occur in the Occiptal lobe?
receives visual input
What functions occur in the Temporal lobe?
receives auditory input, face recognition near here on R side
What areas are required for language?
1.Visual cortex (if written)
2.Angular gyrus- written to auditory
(Auditory Cortex if sound)
3.Wernicke's area- intrep. of auditory code
4.Broca's area-controls speech muscles via the motor cortex
5.Motor cortex-word is pronounced
What band of axon fibers connects the two sides of the brain?
Corpus Callosum
What is each side of the brain best at?
Left-speech, calculations, deliberation, memory; sequencing
Right-perception & recognition, emotion, simple requests, quick decisions, global
The __ enables the ___?
brain, mind
Damage (near the temporal lobe)to this results in no desire to smoke again