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endoscopy test procedures preformed are:
Upper GI
EGD = esophagastroduidenoscpy
pulmonary toliet
TEE = transesophageal echocardiogram
thats it
EGD is ...
eso phogastro duodenoscopy

mouth, come to Y in the road, lung or esophagus, diaphrm, stomach, outside curvature, inside curvature, plyoric valve, duodenum, 2nd portion doudenum, 1st portion small bowel
EGD also looks at proton pump
gastric juice producer
EGD also looks at PPI =
proton pump inhibitor
TEE is transseophageal ehocardiogram what position
at the back of heart & do ultrasound & echo, look for specific things
what does a Bronscopy do ?
Gp into the lungs thru the nose, numb vocal chords w/ nebulizer treatment
gastro esophageal reflux disorder = constant heart burn
test for H pylori
Cecum -
end of colon
they use fentanyl
they use versed for
fentanyl for pain
versed for sedation
FLACC scale is for what?
comfort level of person in altered state of consciousness
WNL = within normal limits
HB means
hot biopsy cook it off pull it off cauterize at same time
CB means cold biopsy
cut off and scoop out
in lungs, corkscrew w/ brushes on it, brush off skin, stretch receptors in colon
Endoscopy nurse's job is to
advocate for patient
keep covered
the DR assistant job is to
stool samples
sclera therapy
Sedation they use fentanyl why
0 - 100 mcg narcotic short acting sleepiness euphoria potentates verse
Versed produces .,,
wait 2 minutes b/t doses
amnesia quality sedative relaxant hypnotic modern day vallume may give hiccups
narcan-narcotic antagonist, reverses Fentanyl
Romazicon-reverses Versed
what do you give for bradycardia
epinphrine & atropine
Vasovagel response causes
Glucagon -
smooth muscle relaxant
slow down peristalis
not given in diabetic patients
what happens to the Blood Pressure with a hyatal hernia in the stomach bulging above diaphram into esophagus
Blood Pressure drops dangerously low
atropine, epinepherine are drugs to reverse the vagal response