Essay on Trainspotting by Irvine Welsh

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Trainspotting by Irvine Welsh "Trainspotting" is about a group of addicts living in Edinburgh, Scotland. The novel describes their different ways of living, surviving and being. We are introduced to a lifestyle far away from our own, but yet well known through series of films and books on the subject. It's a lifestyle filled with cheating, stealing, fighting, lying and escaping. We follow the characters through a collection of short stories, which are tied together by the characters and related events. They are all addicted to something, whether it's heroin, alcohol, adrenaline or even sex. Their addictions represent, in a way, their …show more content…
Welsh explores modern society's attitudes and doesn't hold back in expressing any views about the cultural problems that face the youth of Britain today. According to Welsh "Trainspotting" was set in Edinburgh between 1982 and 1988, but the issues of drug addiction and drug abuse and the on going HIV issues are as pertinent as ever.

The point of view changes every other page and so does the dialogue, the dialect, the atmosphere, the topic, the intended audience and the tone. The difficulty of reading also varies from character to character. It is written partly in third person, and from several different first person perspectives. This allows us to look inside the various hearts and minds of the characters. With every chapter we come to know the minds and ways of these people in different ways, and that might basically be the theme. It's a theme that is definitely important to our society because society needs to understand that different views are okay and that you can't really judge people without getting inside their heads. To do drugs is a choice, and those who make that choice are not always victims.

Another way of interpreting the theme is to look at the meaning of the title, "Trainspotting". Trainspotting, or to be a trainspotter, is to be obsessed with the

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