The Haitian Revolution Essay

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It was the revolution that altered the way individuals and groups saw themselves and their place in the world is how one scholar describes it. Which revolution could this scholar have been describing, was it the American Revolution or even the French Revolution? No! It is the Haitian Revolution, which is the only successful slave revolt in history. This revolution represents the most thorough case study of revolutionary change anywhere in the history of a modern world and is regarded as a defining moment in the history of Africans in the new world. The Haitian Revolution 1791 – 1804 was a time of harsh and brutal conflicting in the French colony of Saint – Domingue (know now as Haiti), which lead to the elimination of slavery and …show more content…
Scholar Franklin W. Knight in his article The Haitian Revolution says this about the production of sugar in Haiti, “sugar” was “the development of exploitation societies” (Franklin W. Knight, The Haitian Revolution 107). The Haitian people were victims of social oppression by being exploited by the French for the production of sugar.
Oppression in the case of the Africans in Haiti occurred because Haiti was a valuable piece of land for the French empire. In the 1700’s the slave trade was big and the French imported slaves from Africa to Saint Domingue to work on their plantations, and in time Saint Domingue became one of the richest colonies in the French empire of the time. The scholar Franklin W. Knight in his article The Haitian Revolution claims, “French Saint Domingue prided itself, with considerable justification, on being the richest colony in the world…Saint Domingue in the 1780’s accounted for some 40 percent of France’s foreign trade, its 7,000 or so plantations were absorbing by the 1790’s also 10 – 15 percent of United States exports” (Franklin W. Knight, The Haitian Revolution 107). Saint Domingue was producing nearly half of France’s foreign trade and that’s what made the Haitian land so valuable for the French, they profited from the land. There was also a racial aspect to why the French oppressed the Haitians. The French purchased African slaves and imported them to Saint Domingue; they took part in the slave trade

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