The Duality of Human Nature in Stevenson's Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde

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Stevenson uses the characters of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde to expresses his beliefs about human duality by introducing them as two contrasting characters, instead of just one character. Using two completely different characters with different names and appearances gets his message of human duality across more effectively rather than using just one character that turns a different colour when its angry, for example.

We meet Mr Hyde, “a pale, dwarfish man” “of no particular age”, and we meet Dr Jekyll, a “large, well-made man of fifty” with a “large handsome face”. The way Stevenson describes them as opposites makes us think that they are infact two people, but as Stevenson builds up the clues throughout the book we realise that they are
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Stevenson is trying to tell us that everybody has evil inside of them and has a curiosity about their darker side. Jekyll seems to be in control of his desires and temptations but as Hyde he can fulfil them and not feel guilty. Stevenson is stating that everybody has evil inside of the, wanting to get out and that everyone gets a thrill of letting it out sometimes. As Jekyll thinks he’s in control of Hyde, his addiction to his darker side spirals out of control and he transforms into Hyde without taking the potion. Hyde’s character is gaining strength and Jekyll is getting weaker. Jekyll gets weaker because he is getting weaker at controlling Hyde. By becoming Hyde and letting his evil side out, he has made live harder for himself because now he wont be able to get rid of Hyde as he once said he could. Hyde has now overpowered Jekyll and is in control. Everybody has good and evil inside them. The good in you should always be in control because if you let your evil side out too much it will take control of you and change you, just like Hyde changed Jekyll.

Stevenson’s intention is to express that Hyde represents the dark side inside of everybody and he explains how letting your evil side out can affect your life when he tells us that “ the dark influence of Hyde had been withdrawn, the doctor has returned

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