Symbolism in Two Kinds by Amy Tan and Everyday Use by Alice Walker

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In the story, Two Kinds by Amy Tan, the most predominant object would be the piano. The mother has it set in her head that her daughter, Jing-Mei can and will become a child prodigy. The mother hires a teacher that lives in their apartment building. Jing-Mei constantly feels like she is a disappointment to her mother. Her mother had very distinct goals for Jing-Mei and this is way she always felt that she was disappointing her.

Jing-Mei was forced to take piano lessons; this only further upset her as she felt that she was a constant disappointment. Her mother was mad at her on a regular basis because Jing-Mei stood up for herself and explained to her that she didn’t want to be a child prodigy.

After Jing-Mei’s mother passes away she
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In the story "Everyday Use" by Alice Walker the main object would be the quilt. There is conflict that is created when trying to decide which of the daughters would get this quilt. Then there is also the underlying conflict of the two daughter’s love for their mother. The quilt is a symbol for the mother’s love and acceptance of her children and their value that she places on their relationships.

The story is about two daughters. One daughter is intelligent; she went off to college and has become successful. Her mother of course because of this is very proud of her and often brags about the daughter's accomplishments. However, she lives in a distant city. When the daughter comes home for visits, the mother gets excited.

The second daughter is very shy and incredibly simplistic. She went through a horrific tragedy as a child where she was badly burned and has scars over her arms and legs. She is a very timid girl and it is unclear if this is the reason why she lives at home with her mother still. The girl has horrible self-esteem, doesn't have much of a sense of self worth, and is almost like a dot on the rug when she is compared to her sister. She always gets nervous about her sister visiting because it reflects who she really isn’t; only reflect who her sister portrays her to be.

The sister visits and sees the quilt. It is old but beautiful, and a symbol of the family heritage in her eyes, but it is also a symbol of

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