so what are you anyway Essay

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Conflicting Setting in “So What Are You Anyway?” For many years, African Americans have endured the oppression of white superiors, but have put up a great fight for emancipation. Over time, the segregation that once existed has diminished, but continues to live on in the minds of some. In Lawrence Hills, “So What Are You Anyway”, the setting is a key contributor to the conflict of the story in regards to equality now being instilled into society, an innocent Carole being targeted and demeaned for the colour of her skin, and the intimidating, curious nature of the Nortons. Following the Civil Rights Movement in 1970, Toronto and many other nations were slowly progressing towards making the world a haven of equality and independence. …show more content…
The Norton’s intimidating interrogation correlates to the oppression of black people, dating back to the times of slavery. On account of the persistent Nortons, whose social norm included segregation, nagging and irritating Carole, the setting could represent not being able to escape the hatred, seeing that Carole clearly feels trapped and ambushed. By the end of the story, Carole experiences a

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