Essay on Poverty in The United States

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In the United States poverty is not an unknown topic. In fact, poverty has been around for centuries. One particular time in our history that has had the biggest impact to the country would be the Great Depression. The stock market crashed on October 27, 1929 (“The Great Depression (1929-1939)”.). There had never been as severe of a hit before that day. This lasted a lot longer than economists thought. The depression steadily worsened. Spring of 1933 unemployment had risen from 8 to 15 million. With that, the gross national product had decreased from $103.8 billion to $55.7 (“The Great Depression (1929-1939)”.). Forty percent of the farms in Mississippi were on the auction block when FDR’s inauguration day. Although the depression hit …show more content…
The stock market crashed and due to that the car industries were close to going under. Once again America pulled out of it, and that again shook and changed people. It is important to know a few things: poverty is still present; there is this unknown inequality; and how to illuminate poverty. Just by looking at a glimpse of the United States history and you will see the true struggle the American people went through. The country has been slammed with many events of “great depression.” The most recent major downplay in America is the 2008 stock market crash. After that people were reminded how easy it is to lose it all. Poverty now really looked at by the government. Each year they determine the official poverty rating by using this measurement called the poverty thresholds. Thresholds “represent the annual amount of cash income minimally required to support families of various sizes” (“National Poverty Center University of Michigan”). This measurement was developed in 1963 by Mollie Orshansky (“Social Security”). Mollie was an economist working for the Social Security Administration This measurement is “except more for the area of food, no definitive and accepted standards of minimum need for major consumption items existed either then or today” (“Social Security”). The table that was built by this Poverty Thresholds you can overlook what the poverty line looks like in 2013. One

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