Essay on Poverty Discrimination in Minorities in the United States

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Society has been fighting one of the biggest current social problems for well over a decade. Poverty is relentless across our entire Nation and the Globe. Today, we find poverty is a trending problem for ethnic minorities in the United States. Two articles, More Than Just Nickels and Dimes: A Cross-National Analysis of Working Poverty in Affluent Democracies and The Geography of Exclusion: Race, Segregation, and Concentrated Poverty came from a scholarly journal . While I collected other information from two popular website articles from National Poverty Center | University of Michigan and Racial and Ethnic Disparities Among Low-Income Families. The articles puts into perspective how poverty is a growing problem in the United States. …show more content…
2010). David Brady, Andrew S. Fullerton, and Jennifer Cross (2010) stated, “sociology of working poor is no where near complete, rather sociology spends its time looking at welfare, single mothers, and concentrated inner city poverty”. It would be easier to study if it were a smaller group but it is such a popular cultural aspect in the United States to be working a full time job and still be poor. Employment has been key for escaping poverty but that seems to have changed in the modern world.
The third article was published by University of Michigan, National Poverty Center | University of Michigan. David Harris and Ann Chih Lin reported “the rate of poverty for both African American and Latino children is two times higher than whites.” Specifically focusing on neighborhoods blacks have half as many social services compare to white dominant communities (Harris, Lin). Harris and Lin referenced “even the slightest discrimination, or belief of superiority creates hierarchy in society”. Obviously our society on the whole favors whites. Due to language barriers and preparedness for schools ethnic minority children fall behind early in life (Harris, Lin). Consequently minorities face discrimination in the job market. Harris and Lin noted, “suburbs (previously dominated white communities) are becoming integrated and therefore diverse and poor”. Lastly, poor have hard time escaping poverty because the lack of resources

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